Favourite SFF Creatures

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Favourite SFF Creatures

I’m going to have to branch away from literature (as cool as some of these creatures are in books) because I am the biggest fan of creatures you can see visualized and fully realized. I’m very much a visual person when it comes to creatures! I’m also going for a mix of fantasy and sci-fi creatures because why the hell not? 😉

1. Dragons

dragon gif

Dragons are probably my favourite mythological creature. I have always been fascinated by them. The above dragon is from the movie ‘Dragonslayer’ – one of my favourite childhood movies. The dragon was called Vermithrax Pejorative and was pretty damn scary. The special effects were really something else too, especially for a film released in 1981!

2. Unicorns

unicorn gif

I’ve always been fond of unicorns too (my bedroom walls were bedecked with unicorn posters (from the most amazing little shop called Athena!) when I was a child. I also loved the movies ‘The Last Unicorn’ and ‘Legend’ (which the above gif is from).

3. Pod People

pod people gif

The movie ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ freaked the hell out of me as a kid. The whole idea of being copied and replaced… yeesh. This film gave me nightmares when I first watched it and even now, that noise they make when they spot a non-pod human… *shivers*

4. Xenomorphs

alien gif

The aliens in ‘Alien’ will never not be scary to me but the first film was the one that really captured them in all the frightening glory. The second movie gave them their name (and I love it too for being such a kick ass action film) but nothing beats the tension of the first film where the Xenomorph burst out of John Hurt’s chest and into our hearts (well, you know what I mean haha!)

5. Werewolves

werewolf gif

I can see the humour much more clearly in ‘An American Werewolf in London’ than I could when I was younger. It really is a black comedy rather than an outright fright-fest. However, this film scared the pants off me when I was a kid (I first saw it when holidaying in a caravan, next to woods and a graveyard, to give it some context!) I have been a fan of werewolves ever since. The above transformation scene was positively ground-breaking for the time – so well-done.

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3 responses to “Favourite SFF Creatures

  1. Vermithrax is my favorite movie dragon bar none! Amazing job they did with that. The movie might be a little hokey in parts but it’s got some amazing visuals and atmosphere. And Legend did a fabulous job with the unicorns!

    That scene at the end of Invasion still freaks me out to this day. I’ve never liked Donald sutherland since then lol!

  2. Portia - The Owlery Reader

    You’re the only other person I’ve seen put xenomorphs on their list! I had them on my top 5 too. They’re terrifying in the first film, for sure.

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