Stacking the Shelves #185

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

Stacking the Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality

what’s the buzz: weekly round-up and book haul

Do you ever have times where it just feels like you’re, like, five minutes too late for everything? Welp, I’m having one of those days (weeks). Seriously, I go to buy something and it’s just out of stock. Or that little extra for the first so-many customers? Just missed it. The thing I’ve been wanting to pick up and have been checking back for periodically? Well, it was there – but again I’m too late. That signed book I ordered? Order cancelled by the online bookstore with no explanation. The thing I was going to buy that was on offer? Yeah, it went up in price during the time it took for me to check out. Sigh.

I’ve also been quite unwell this week (some kind of stomach flu thing – it’s been awful). I thought I was getting over the worst of it when it reared its ugly head again on Friday night and it has pretty much kept me in its grips since. So that productive weekend I was going to have? Yeah, not gonna happen. 🙄

Sorry, I don’t mean to moan. Just having a frustrating time of it at the moment. Cannot seem to catch a break and it’s kinda getting me down a bit…

Never mind though, I did manage to finish Final Fantasy VIII Remastered! I haven’t played it since I owned it on the original Playstation many moons ago (almost 20 years and if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is!?) I’d forgotten what a great game it is (it was always my favourite FF game, even more so than Final Fantasy VII, which I also loved). It’s still uber hard though! I must have died like a million times in Ultimecia’s castle… kinda just fluked it through the last boss fight haha!

I did also manage to get my hands on some merch (bookish and otherwise) so I wasn’t totally SOL this week!


Merchandise purchased:

  • Kaz pin from Jo Painter – This pin is absolutely stunning! The photo really doesn’t do it justice. I missed out on the Feyre and Rhysand pins (there’s that bad luck I told you about!) but I’m hopeful that there may just be a restock in the run up to Christmas…
  • Disney Dragons book sleeve from Book Besties UK – Yep, another book sleeve from my favourite book sleeve shop – totally not sorry haha!
  • Earrings from One Dotty Duck – These earrings are so cute – I have quite a few of their little heart sets in various colours so I’m happy to add a green pair to my collection! I also got these adorable little steampunk-style studs as a little extra too which are just stunning.
  • Disney Princesses pin hoop from Pinthemagic – I have loads of pins so it stands to reason I need many pin holders! I love pin hoops and the ones from this shop are just so adorable! Really well-made and sturdy too. I will definitely be back for more!

On the blog:


weekly bookish purchases

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons | A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas | The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern | Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater | The Binding by Bridget Collins

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

The Terminator by Shaun Hutson

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Hat Trick by Eden Finley | Where Love Grows by Jay Northcote | Verity by Colleen Hoover | Ryker & Gavin by A.D. Ellis | Kade & Cameron by A.D. Ellis


stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Six of Hearts by L.H. Cosway | His Room by T. Popov | The Problem with Mistletoe by Kyle Baxter | Before There Were Three by L.A. Witt | Summerknight by Sarah K.L. Wilson

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

The Thirteenth Gate by Kat Ross | Sparking Sara by Samantha Christy | Fleeting by Carrie Aarons | Because You Came Along by Ian Finn | Pretty; by Amber Lacie

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Lines by Anna B. Doe | Until Rayne by Elle Christensen | Magic & Mechanisms by Devin Harnois | Have My Baby by Taryn Quinn | The Grim Life by K.D. Worth

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry | Elfhame by Anthea Sharp | Bound to Me by Christy Pastore | The Winter Spirit by Indra Vaughn | Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster & Elle Christensen

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Hustle by Claire Chilton | Hope For her by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Hope For Him by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Hope For Us by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Dust of Snow by Indra Vaughn

received for review

stacking the shelves book haul week 185

Lost Girl by Holly Kammier | The Pairings by Ramona Finn | To Crown a King by Raedene Jeanette Melin | Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold | Open Fire by Amber Lough

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