Friday the 13th – Movies to Watch

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friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, also known as Black Friday, occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday. I didn’t just pluck this fact out of thin air or even from the very dark recesses of my brain, I took a trip to Wikipedia lol. 😉

This is generally considered an unlucky day but I haven’t always found it so myself (I actually got engaged on Friday the 13th – although the circumstances surrounding my engagement were certainly not the best). Halloween is generally the time of year I like to scare myself senseless watching horror movies or by reading a particularly scary book but Friday the 13th works for that too!


I was actually thinking to myself that some horror might just be in the cards this evening (although I am working tomorrow so will not be up too late). I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite scary moments in movies with you all. I have already shared some of my favourite horror movies previously here.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978):

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the original version of this film but it is the 1978 adaptation that really scared the pants off of me; especially this bit here:

invasion of the body snatchers

Pet Sematary (1989):

Now I must pose this question to anyone who has seen this film; was anyone not completely freaked out at this moment? Yeesh, I still get the absolute shivers watching this bit! Zelda is the creepiest thing ever (probably because it is a grown man playing a child haha!

pet sematary

Watership Down (1978):

Pretty much the whole film! Honestly, despite this being an animated movie (aimed at children!) this film contains some really dark stuff. The book does too but the film really takes the cake. This isn’t even really showing the whole nightmarish opening sequence which haunts me to this very day. If you like scary things, this is the film for you!

watership down

Jaws (1975):

Jaws terrified me as a kid (I was even frightened to go in the bathtub for pity’s sake!) but the single most horrifying bit in the whole damn movie is that rolling head and the whole segment on the boat at the end (though conversely, that is also the most awesome bit!)


Friday the 13th (1980):

C’mon, you knew this would have to be on this list! This film is actually very cleverly crafted and designed to subvert the audiences expectations – the killer really isn’t who you would expect it to be at all. The ending in some ways does kind-of ruin the premise set up in the film but it really is just a genuinely scary moment!

friday the 13th

These are only a few of my ‘favourite’ scary bits in movies. Most of them are clearly meant to be scary (although I am not sure what the filmmakers were on when they animated Watership Down) but there are some films which just have inadvertently scary moments.

What scenes would you pick from movies that just downright gave you the heebie jeebies?


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2 responses to “Friday the 13th – Movies to Watch

  1. I agree on Watership Down. The first time I watched it I didn’t realise how dark it would be. then thought: And this is aimed at children?! The black rabbit freaked me out the most. I don’t generally watch horror (I’m a big baby), so this is a scary as it gets for me.

    Having said that, the scene in Lord of the Rings with the giant spider? Yeah, eyes are definitely closed for that. I have to get someone else to tell me when the scene’s over so I can watch again.

    • Brin

      Watership Down is bloody terrifying! Don’t get me wrong I love the film (and the book even more) but there is no way this is for kids – it gave me nightmares for years!! I like horror but I draw the line at bunny murders lol.

      OMG, that spider is scary (and I am not usually bothered by spiders)! Also the Black Riders are pretty scary too. 🙂

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