Films to watch on Halloween

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films to watch on halloween

Films to watch on Halloween

I am a huge fan of horror films – the scarier the better! Halloween is a perfect time to curl up with a loved one (or by yourself if you are brave!) and watch a spooky film or two. Here is a list of my top ten horror films (just personal opinion – I know there are a ton of amazingly scary films out there).

10. Stir of Echoes

This film really suffered due to the fact that it came out roughly the same time as The Sixth Sense but I actually think it is a better crafted film and definitely a lot scarier.

9. The Conjuring

Probably the newest film on this list but definitely worth a spot in my book. Genuinely creepy and chilling – made even more so by the fact it is based on a true story.

8. The Grudge

I have seen the original version and enjoyed it but I find the remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar to be far more unsettling. I went to see this at the cinema and I was completely creeped out even though the screening was packed! I still have to watch certain parts of the film through my fingers.

7. The Evil Dead

The original of course (although to be fair the recent remake wasn’t bad). This film is a classic for a reason – it is very, very scary and gave me nightmares about the woods when I was younger (to be fair I was probably way too young to watch this at the time).

6. Dawn of the Dead

I enjoy both the original George A. Romero version and the remake but the original is arguably the better film. I love zombie films (like really, really love zombie films) and this one is my favourite.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street

Despite the fact that its many sequels descended into outright campiness, the first film is genuinely frightening. I really cannot think of anything worse than a deranged serial killer who stalks your very nightmares *shivers*.

4. IT

Technically, this adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is a miniseries but I only ever saw it after it was released on VHS (yup VHS 😉 ). A killer who preys on children who can take the form of anything but prefers to appear as a scary-ass clown? That’s nightmare fodder right there – and the book is even worse, trust me on this!

3. The Shining

 Another Stephen King adaptation, this one strays quite far from the book in a lot of ways but it really is a mindf***k of a film. It has a very tense and claustrophobic atmosphere and is absolutely bloody terrifying!

2. Halloween

I watched this film when I was very young and it really is one of the most scary horror films ever made in my humble opinion. The whole stalking thing really creeped me out as a youngster, the idea of being watched like that still gives me a case of the shivers. This film is definitely not one to watch alone.

1. The Exorcist

The granddaddy of horror films, I actually saw this when I was about seventeen when it was re-released at the cinema. I wasn’t expecting to be that impressed (considering I was a bit of a horror aficionado at the time) but this is a deeply unsettling film that deserves all the hype. Banned for many years in the UK as a ‘video nasty’ really has given it a huge cult following – and I can see why.

Honourable mentions:

Hellraiser; The Wicker Man; The Others; The Descent; The Blair Witch Project; The Omen; Don’t Look Now; Psycho; 28 Days Later; Black Christmas; Night of the Living Dead; Ring; An American Werewolf in London; Pet Sematary.


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16 responses to “Films to watch on Halloween

  1. I don’t really watch horror movies but I LOVE slasher films, will be watching scream four on halloween probably or Fear Island, hmm you’ve got me in the mood to watch them now 🙂

  2. Those are a lot of good ones, Brin! I’m a big horror nut myself… you should see my collection! I have more horror movies than books!
    I don’t know if you like any of the European horror or not… it’s a bit depraved, but check out Lucio Fulci’s movie ZOMBIE…. Oh my…. It is GOOD… If you like it check out his other films. Another good director is Dario Argento. Check out Opera or Suspira. Those movies make the above movies looks like a Disney film! 🙂

    • I’m partial to a bit of horror myself but I doubt my collection will ever trump my book collection lol. 😉

      I haven’t seen ZOMBIE but I’m pretty sure my partner bought it awhile back. Will have to check it out! Dario Argento is a filmmaker I have been meaning to seek out for years – I have seen Suspira but none of his other films unfortunately. Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂

      I have seen a couple of really disturbing horror films (Cannibal Holocaust springs to mind!) but really need to branch out a bit more again, I think – most of what I view these days is pretty vanilla. 😉

      Classic horror is something I really enjoy too.

  3. I just recently watched The made me freaking jump it was super creepy…I like most of the movies on your list, and a couple I haven’t watched like Evil Dead and Dawn of the Dead. 🙂

    • The Conjuring was really creepy – best horror film I have seen in a while. 🙂

      Evil Dead is freaky and Dawn of the Dead is just a classic – I would highly recommend both. 😉

  4. Great list! The Conjuring is one of my new favorite horror movies. As for Stephen King adaptations, I also really enjoyed 1408 and The Mist. I also just watched Oculus with Karen Gillan and it was very good. It reminded me of a combination of The Conjuring and 1408. If you seen it, it’s definitely worth the watch! 🙂

    • Thanks! The Conjuring is great – very creepy! 1408 was pretty good and I looove The Mist – it came very close to getting put on this list but I thought it may be too much Stephen King lol. 😉

      I quite fancy watching Oculus – I’ve heard mixed reviews but I think it looks pretty good.

  5. […] I was actually thinking to myself that some horror might just be in the cards this evening (although I am working tomorrow so will not be up too late). I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite scary moments in movies with you all. I have already shared some of my favourite horror movies previously here. […]

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