Holiday to Pitlochry!

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holiday pitlochry

Holiday to Pitlochry!

I have been a little bit MIA this week but I had a good reason for it – I was away on a short break to Pitlochry! It’s been a long time since I was on holiday so it was really good to get away for a bit!

I had a great time – I really relaxed and recharged my batteries. Didn’t get a whole lot of reading done but it was a fantastic trip.

I don’t normally share too much of my personal life on my blog but I have been trying to inject a little more of ‘me’ into my posts so I wanted to share this experience with some of my holiday pictures!!

Day 1 x

Day 1

We travelled up to Pitlochry by car and arrived at around 3pm. After checking into our chalet at Faskally I couldn’t resist taking a couple of snaps from the balcony/porch! Afterwards we went for a walk around the dam and headed into town to pick up some supplies and a bite to eat! We were all exhausted but that didn’t stop my fiancé and I from checking out the site’s bar!

Fish ladder in Pitlochry (Scotland), 311 m long
Fish ladder in Pitlochry (Scotland), 311 m long (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 2 x

Day 2

An early rise the next day (bloody hell was the bed uncomfortable!) and I managed to squeeze in some reading time and finish the book I was reading in the car journey on the way up. I read Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson – a really great, albeit sad, read!


After breakfast we headed into Pitlochry town. Did another trek around the dam and browsed the local shops. Picked up some new jewellery from the Hearthergems shop (more on that later) as well as some presents for family/friends back home. Also got a cake from Mackenzie’s Bakery – Vanilla Roulade – I was in sugar heaven!

English: Pitlochry hydro-electric power statio...
English: Pitlochry hydro-electric power station and the River Tummel. The Power Station dams the river creating Loch Faskally. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got dinner at the local chippy (macaroni cheese for me – yum!) and headed down to the bar. Didn’t have any alcohol on this trip down but did spend some time in the game room. Headed back to the chalet for another early night (9:30pm – I have never gone to bed so early in my life).

English: Pitlochry Church of Scotland and Trys...
English: Pitlochry Church of Scotland and Tryst. Deutsch: Kirche von Pitlochry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 3 x

Day 3

Headed out to Killiecrankie for the afternoon and visited Soldier’s Leap. This walk showed how unfit I have become lately – I was utterly exhausted after walking the trail to the Leap.

English: Sign at Killiecrankie visitors centre
English: Sign at Killiecrankie visitors centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Headed back into town and did a little more shopping. Also picked up another cake – I know, I know, totally hypocritical after realising I needed to get fitter again but I was on holiday! 😛

Day 3 - 1

Headed down to the bar for dinner (veggie burger this time!) and some drinks. Had some fun in the games room and totally monopolized the jukebox playing all my favourite tracks (Joy Division, the Pixies, the Stone Roses – bet everybody else in the bar was sick and tired of our choices and were happy to see us leave lol). 😉

Day 4 x

Day 4

Last day – none of us wanted to leave! The weather was still gorgeous (especially for Scotland) and it was with glum hearts that we set off back home (not without taking a couple of last-minute snaps though). I will miss the scenery, the wildlife (bunnies and robins everywhere!) and the relaxed vibe.

English: Across Faskally. Looking across Loch ...
English: Across Faskally. Looking across Loch Faskally from the visitor’s car park on the Pitlochry side of the dam, towards one of the alps. Autumn, naturally! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a really great time on holiday. It was great to really get a chance to unwind and leave the stresses of daily life behind for a few days. I had fun going on long walks and picking up some really gorgeous jewellery from the Heathergems shop (jewellery is probably second only to book-buying for me!):


Hope that I didn’t bore anyone with this post but I felt the need to share the last few days!


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