I’m An Eejit! (Seriously)

Posted May 5, 2021 by Brin in Updates / 2 Comments


I’m going to have to hold my hands up here for not realising (since bloody August last year!) that my blog security was blocking anyone from commenting on my posts!

I’d noticed the lack of comments but chalked it up to me being a bit of a hermit over the last few years and not always responding to comments (I read each and every comment made and appreciate the hell out of them – it’s just my anxiety sometimes makes it impossible for me to chat back – I second guess myself all the time, it can be so exhausting). I figured people had just kinda given up on me…

I had to get security for my blog because it got hacked several times and gave me a bit of a nightmare. What I didn’t realize when I finally got security after the second hack, was that the firewall automatically blocks blog comments. It can be fixed (I’ve just done it!) but you have to manually uncheck the option.

What an eejit (Scottish slang for idiot, in case you were wondering!) I am. Seriously, look it up in the dictionary and there’s me!! 😆

So, sorry for that folks – I don’t know if anyone has tried to comment recently (if you have – my apologies!) but that’s it sorted for the future (I really am a noob when it comes to the technical side of things – this just proves that most thoroughly!)

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2 responses to “I’m An Eejit! (Seriously)

    • Brin

      Thanks! I had noticed a drop off in comments but never put two and two together as to why that could be! Feel a bit dippit now… 🙂

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