June Bookstagram Challenges: Day 26

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June Bookstagram Challenges (and what I got up to today)

#bookishthisorthat – hosted by:

@darkfaerietales_, @cbookaddiction, @novelheartbeat and @eden.hammond

With each daily prompt, you choose which of the two choices you prefer. So, let’s say the choice was between Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings, you choose which one is your favourite and create a photo using your choice (and FYI, as much as I love GoT, it would be LotR all the way!!)

#bookishsummertrinkets – hosted by:

@imsophiebadillo and @e.c.victoria

This one’s pretty self-explanatory – you basically post a photo containing the prompt for that day which features the various trinkets/ props that bookstagrammers use to supplement their photos. This one sounded really different and fun so I couldn’t resist taking part (even though originally I was only going to do one challenge).

Day 26 of #bookishthisorthat: Classics / Retellings

Don’t get me wrong, I love classics (especially anything by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte) but I love retellings just a little bit more. ❤

Day 26 of #bookishsummertrinkets: Book Origami

This is about as close to folding book pages as I can get (the thought gives me the shudders). I am too careful with my books to risk any kind of permanent damage to them. 😳

What Else I got up to Today

Last day off (back to work tomorrow) so made the most of it by being lazy as f***! 😀 Played a bit of ME:A but that was about the most energetic thing I did all day. 😉



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