June Bookstagram Challenges: Day 1

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June Bookstagram Challenges (and what I got up to today)

I have been well and truly neglecting both my #bookstagram and my blog as of late, so since June is a special month for me (it’s my birthday month!) I thought it was time to take part in a couple of book challenges again and report on my progress on my blog. Two birds, one stone and all that!

#bookishthisorthat – hosted by:

@darkfaerietales_, @cbookaddiction, @novelheartbeat and @eden.hammond

With each daily prompt, you choose which of the two choices you prefer. So, let’s say the choice was between Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings, you choose which one is your favourite and create a photo using your choice (and FYI, as much as I love GoT, it would be LotR all the way!!)

#bookishsummertrinkets – hosted by:

@imsophiebadillo and @e.c.victoria

This one’s pretty self-explanatory – you basically post a photo containing the prompt for that day which features the various trinkets/ props that bookstagrammers use to supplement their photos. This one sounded really different and fun so I couldn’t resist taking part (even though originally I was only going to do one challenge).

Day 1 of #bookishthisorthat: Contemp / Fantasy

My answer is always going to be fantasy. I love contemporary novels but fantasy books are what I live for – any fandom I have really gotten swept up in is fantasy-related. My latest obsession is #acotar (as you can see from the #bookmerch pictured – if you click on the photo it will take you to the artist links for the merchandise featured).

Day 1 of #bookishsummertrinkets: Keys

My June birthstone skeleton key necklace by @earthtojillstudio is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I love necklaces with key elements and I own several pieces but this one seemed most relevant given that it also has the birthstone for June!

What Else I got up to Today

I had a day off work today so my partner and I went to see Wonder Woman. It was amazing – an absolutely incredible film from beginning to end. DC really needed this film to deliver and be a success and I think they really cracked it.

The actors were great in their roles: Gal Gadot was a fantastic Diana and Chris Pine shone as American pilot Steve Trevor, in a role that could have been way over-shadowed by the titular main character, but he really added a lot of gravitas and depth to a character who might have just been over-looked as the designated ‘love interest’ in a lessor actor’s hands (plus, he has such pretty blue eyes, just sayin’). 😉

Some familiar faces popped up in supporting roles (I was particularly taken with Ewan Bremner’s plucky Scot!) and the plot moved along at a swift pace (it felt like it was over in no time at all).

If I had to give any criticism, it would be that the film’s ‘baddie’ was a little bit lacklustre. No shade on the actor mind, it’s just that they were introduced rather late on and got somewhat over-shadowed by all the CGI-battle scenes towards the end. Still, it was only a small niggle – overall I was really happy with the film.


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