What kind of reader are you?

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Just for Fun: what kind of reader are you?

This was a really fun quiz to take and I would say that the result I got is fairly accurate. Take the quiz below to see what type of reader you are.

You Are an Eclectic Reader

You will read almost anything, and you think the best gems are discovered randomly. You are curious about books.
Of all the types, you are the most likely to spend time browsing a bookstore, especially one with used and rare books.

Your taste is varied, but if you had to say, it’s pretty far outside the mainstream. You don’t like anything too predictable.
You appreciate experimental writing and writing that challenges you. You prefer books that make you grow, even if you they are more difficult to read.





BookBrowse:  “Book lovers: What’s your reading personality?”

This quiz yielded similar results. Here is what I got:

The Serial Eclectic Reader

Your responses show that you are both a serial reader and an eclectic reader, which indicates that you both read widely and frequently. As a serial reader you’re loyal to your favorite authors, but as an eclectic reader you’re also open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre. That you manage to both keep up with your favorite authors and explore new writers indicates that you are likely to be what the research companies like to term a “heavy reader”.

To take this quiz click HERE

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