Which of ‘The Breakfast Club’ are you?

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Just for Fun: which member of ‘The Breakfast Club’ are you?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I was a hard-core John Hughes fan when I was a teenager. My favourite film was The Breakfast Club – I couldn’t get enough of that movie and I must have watched it at least 100 times. I saw this quiz on Zimbio and I just had to take it and share my results with you all!


Drum-roll please!

I am…


To take the quiz, click on the above image


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4 responses to “Which of ‘The Breakfast Club’ are you?

  1. It didn’t work. I’m more a male Allison than Bender, which the quiz indicated. That’s okay. My high school occupation aptitude quiz suggested I should become a minister. I went to work in showbiz instead, and married a TV writer.

    • I didn’t expect to be Alison! These quizzes never seem to match up to what you think but they are a fun way to pass some time. 😀 Minister to showbiz – just a bit different. LOL 😉

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