My Very Own Bucket List

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my bucket list

Most people will probably have heard of a ‘bucket list’ which is essentially a list of things to do before you die. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I have so far accomplished in my life. Since my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October last year, it has become clear to me just how short life is and that you really have to try and make the most of the time you have on this earth.

My Bucket List

I have thought about making a list myself previously but something has always held me back. I read an article in The Guardian “Bucket lists: are they a good idea?” which raised some interesting points about whether bucket lists are a way of avoiding or denying the idea of death rather than coping with it, a notion raised by Psychologist Linda Blair. I can see the point she is making here and to an extent I can agree that in some ways they can be a way of living in the future rather than the present, to have set goals that you are always trying to reach instead of dealing with what faces you in the here and now, but I also think it can be a good idea to have goals in mind.

I would never strictly adhere to achieving these goals – that would take all the fun and spontaneity out of life altogether and to me would kind of defeat the purpose – but I can see the fun in trying to think of things you would like to achieve, places you would like to travel and goals you would like to accomplish throughout your life. I do also think it is important to live in the moment though. Having goals is good but you can miss out on the worthwhile, little things by focusing too much of your attention on what you have to achieve, rather than what is currently in front of you. A balance is needed, I think. Of course, this is all just subjecture and I am starting to veer off course from my original intention with this post.

I decided finally that coming up with a bucket list could be a fun way of considering what I would really like to do with my life. Some of my choices are for fun, some are goals I would really see through (such as getting my master’s/PHD at some point), but most of them are things I could really see me be able to accomplish. I have seen it being described as a ‘life list’ and that is probably a better way of putting it even though it is distinctly less eye-catching.


Here is my list:

  1. Read War and Peace.
  2. Get a tattoo.
  3. Learn how to play Sudoku.
  4. Take a cooking class.
  5. Be able to do the splits.
  6. Write a poem/song.
  7. Learn how to play guitar.
  8. Read every Jane Austen novel.
  9. Learn how to knit.
  10. Donate blood.
  11. Discover my family history.
  12. Go on a road trip.
  13. See the Northern Lights.
  14. Get married.
  15. Write a book (or short story – not fussy!)
  16. Go white water rafting.
  17. Learn how to meditate.
  18. Learn archery.
  19. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
  20. Visit New York City.
  21. Go camping.
  22. Visit Alcatraz.
  23. Get a master’s degree/PHD.
  24. Build a snowman.
  25.  Have a beer at Oktoberfest (in Germany).
  26. Become a Collector.
  27. Come up with a theme song.
  28. Dress up as a zombie for Halloween.
  29. Have picture taken next to a pyramid.
  30. Learn a martial art.
  31. Take a kissing photo with my other half in a photobooth.
  32. Visit Abbey Road and recreate the Beatles cover.
  33. Sing a song on karaoke.
  34. Write my name in the sand.
  35. Learn a magic trick.
  36. Start a blog.
  37. Bake a cake.
  38. Wish on a shooting star.
  39. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  40. Go on a picnic date.
  41. Ride a motorcycle.
  42. Go skinny-dipping.
  43. Have my own personal library.
  44. Watch every Stanley Kubrick film.
  45. Go to Comic Con.
  46. Make my own clothes.
  47. Kiss under the mistletoe.
  48. Visit Stonehenge.
  49. Sleep in a hammock.
  50. Go on a submarine.

Well, that is my list (you will notice I have already completed some of the goals on this – told you I had been thinking about this for some time!). My list is not too extensive but certainly there are a few things which I really would like to accomplish and preferably soon. In all honesty, as fun as this exercise was, I would be happy just to be able to complete just one or two of these goals and if other things become more important to me – well so be it!


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