Which 90s TV Boyfriend is right for you?

Posted February 22, 2014 by Brin in Fun/Off-topic / 2 Comments


Just for Fun: which 90s TV Boyfriend is right for you?

This quiz definitely floats my boat! I watched a lot of TV in the 90s (during my teenage years). I can remember watching all these shows.

Here is my result:

90's tv boyfriendI was hoping I would get Pacey! I loved Dawson’s Creek as a teen (even though I was not personally a fan of Dawson as a character) and Pacey was my favourite – hands down! He was such a sweetie and so romantic – my teenage self had all the feels!


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2 responses to “Which 90s TV Boyfriend is right for you?

  1. I got Steve Hale and had to google the character name because I’ve never seen Full House. However, I then went straight onto finding what Muppet I was and got the Swedish Chef so I felt much happier (even though I would have preferred Miss Piggy!!).

  2. I have never watched Full House either so I wouldn’t have had a clue. 😉

    Excellent – I love Swedish Chef! Any Muppet quiz I have ever done I have always gotten Animal – don’t know what that says about me lol.

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