Which SVH character are you?

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Just for Fun: which SVH character are you?

Look right down any crowded hall you’ll see there’s a beauty standing. Is she really everywhere, or a reflection? One always calls out to you. The other’s shy and quiet. Could there be two different girls who look the same at: Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley High…

Years later and I still remember that damn theme song (though I watched the series a couple of years after starting reading the book series so it wasn’t my first introduction to this world!

When I saw this quiz, I knew for nostalgia’s sake I just had to attempt it!


Which Sweet Valley Character are you?

Oh, you. You’re an Elizabeth of course! Sure, you can be a little safe and (dare we say) boring, but you’ve got enough loving spirit and can-do attitude to keep yourself in high demand.

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I got the boring twin lol. Nevermind, I don’t think I would have wanted to be Jessica (who seemed to veer towards being either an out-and-out bitch or psychopath depending on which book you read)! I would rather have been Lila though… she was one of the few characters who was actually worth a damn in the series.

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Which Sweet Valley character are you? To take the quiz, click HERE


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