OCD and me: my strange reading habits

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OCD and me: my strange reading habits

I am the first person to admit that some of my reading habits are… a little bit odd? Strange even? I could blame my OCD (and part of it can be attributed to that) but mostly I just think I have odd habits I’ve developed over the years!


I hate it when book covers do not match: this drives me mental: I especially hate it when they change covers partway through a series – it is rage-inducing!


I hate it when people fold down corners of books: these people are monsters – monsters I tell you (j/k – well kinda!) Honestly though, this is definitely a pet peeve of mine.


I hate it when people write in books: even if I have been guilty of that with textbooks at Uni – it was in pencil though so it totally could have been rubbed back out!


I have a problem reading library books: I just cannot help thinking where they could have been (people reading on the loo etc.) – it just grosses me out.


I have a problem with audiobooks: I just cannot get into them – I much prefer the written word. I have always struggled with audiobooks.


I freak out when I crease a book’s spine: I prefer books to look as pristine as possible. This is definitely an OCD thing with me!


I am compelled to finish a book series even if it has deteriorated in quality and/or I am no longer enjoying it: I really wish I had it in me to DNF a book. It would save me a lot of grief.


I have to stop reading at a chapter break: I cannot stop part-way through a page or section. I think this is the completionist in me!


I have been known to re-read my favourite parts in books (swoony romantic stuff, exciting parts – you name it): I love to relive certain moments in books!


I have a serious book-buying addiction – my bookshelves are straining with the weight and I have no room to put anything – still, I just keep on buying!


 What are your strange reading/bookish habits?


**please note I got the idea for this blog post from a previous Top Ten Tuesday topic**


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26 responses to “OCD and me: my strange reading habits

  1. haha me and you are the same 🙂 but I actually like reading library books to see if I will like it…If I do I buy it. it sounds weird but its how I am. I also like writing in books. Everything else we re alike 😀

    • Lol – if I could get over my phobia of library books I would probably do the same – would save a lot of money. 😉 I will never be able to write in books though.

  2. Don’t be ashamed of the library books one! If you had seen what I whitnessed a homeless man do once to a library book you would definitely never touch them again!

  3. Don’t be ashamed of the library one! If you had whitnessed what I saw a homeless man do to a library book once you’d definitely never touch then again!

  4. I hate folded corners! Drives me up a wall! I do write in books though. Not all the time but if something really strikes me in some way. Usually it’s non-fiction, but I’ve been known to wrote in fiction too.

    • Folded corners get to me the most I have to admit – just get a bookmark or really anything to mark your page!! lol 😉 I would write in textbooks but never fiction for some reason.

  5. I’m with you on most everything, but as an English major, I annotate the crap out of almost every book I read. I just can’t help it. It’s like in my DNA or something lol. 🙂 Good post!

  6. Yes to quite a few of these! But, – I don’t care about library books, second hand books, charity shops finds, etc. Also, if I’m reading a huge chunkster of a book and it’s a paperback I actually break the spine – I know, it’s awful but I get so sick of trying to keep the books open when they’re so tightly wrapped!
    And, it doesn’t bother me at what point I break off reading but I think that’s as a result of reading on public transport – it’s not always convenient to read up to a chapter break because you’d have to miss your stop (and I have done that a few times but it’s a bit inconvenient!)
    That thing where covers change half way through a series – *most annoying thing ever*.
    Lynn 😀

    • I’m not as fussy with previously owned/read books either. It is difficult to keep the spine uncreased when it is a huge book – it invariably happens anyway!!

      I have actually fallen asleep whilst reading (never used to happen in my younger days lol) and been completely lost with where I am. Reading on my Kindle seems to solve that problem though. 😉

      Lol – there is a reason why that particular point is number one. 😀

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