One week to Dragon Age: Inquisition…

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One week to Dragon Age: Inquisition…

With just a week to go before this game is released in the UK, it is getting increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers – and at this point I am not really sure I want to! I haven’t been able to resist watching the various Twitch streams and YouTube videos that have been popping up this week.

I’ll admit it, I am a bit of a spoiler whore, especially with games and TV shows (not so much with books and movies though). I cannot seem to be able to help myself, no matter how much I admonish myself for it later (it would be nice to be surprised once in a while).

Cullen – walking like the BAMF he is! Check the strut!!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a game I have been waiting for years to be released and the extra year delay really didn’t help (although I am grateful that this allowed BioWare time to add in other playable races and most importantly, for me that is, the chance to finally romance Cullen!), but it did make an already long wait even more torturous at times.

Still, I am incredibly grateful to BioWare for taking the time to make this game even more polished – everything I have seen thus far really does look amazing!

The real draw for me with BioWare games is the characters themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I do love their stories and gameplay (I wouldn’t play them if I didn’t!) but it is the interpersonal relationships that really make their games awesome for me. I have loved the characters in every Dragon Age game so far but the companions (and advisers of course!) are all really interesting to me this time round in particular.

Now that I am a little bit older myself, I appreciate that the characters are not all teenagers – it’s great to have a more mature cast this time round. I am really excited for Cullen (naturally!) but the rest of the team really appeal to me as well, especially Cassandra, Solas, and Cole (and Iron Bull, Sera, Dorian, Blackwall, Vivienne… okay, I give up – I love them all)! Varric of course is a returning favourite from Dragon Age 2 and Josephine and Leliana round out the other two adviser positions with Cullen.

As I count down to the release next Friday, I will try to keep my anticipation in check but it is really hard to not go seeking out all the spoilers! I will try my best though. 😛

If you want to see a really funny, cute, and relatively spoiler-free look at Cullen in action, check out the below video:


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