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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Read Play Blog #12

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What Game World I’d Like to Live In

I am way late with this post, mainly because of my aforementioned blogger burnout, but I really wanted to do this month’s topic. So without any further ado, here is my pick for the game world I would want to live in. Firstly though, I would like to take you through some of my favourite gaming worlds:


I am a huge fan of dystopian novels so it makes sense that I love playing the Fallout games so much (120 hours played in Fallout 3 and 160 played in Fallout: New Vegas to be exact). I love the whole post-apocalyptic setting of this game and wandering around the devastated Capital Wasteland or Mojave Desert was pretty darn awesome. But as to the question would I want to live there… well lets take a look at the landscape.

Fallout 3 – source

Looks pretty hostile doesn’t it? But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the place is completely inhospitable. I mean, the neighbours seem pretty friendly, don’t they?

Hmm, maybe not…

Alright, I think it’s safe to say that Fallout may be out as far as the perfect gaming world to live in. But hey, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fun place to visit now and then. 😉

Mass Effect

Mass Effect is one of my favourite science fiction games. I love the story and the setting but to be honest, I could not live with that level of peril hanging over my head (I’m a coward that way).

Don’t Fear the Reaper – source

The Reapers are bloody terrifying and I am in no way a BDH (big damn hero for those who are not Firefly fans – do they actually exist?) so I would be cowering in a corner in seconds. Not to mention all those creepy husks… yeesh!!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Now let’s be honest here, what science fiction nerd wouldn’t like to live in the Star Wars universe, amiright? I mean, you could be a Jedi (or Sith if that’s they way you roll), there are cool worlds to explore, awesome alien races… it could almost be perfect. Except for the fact that there is always someone trying to kill you. Like this guy:

Darth Malak – chinless wonder

Plus, there is always the sudden but inevitable betrayal (another Firefly reference for the uninitiated) of someone close to you. Nope, not good for your health.

Dragon Age

I love me some Dragon Age and the world of Thedas is a fascinating and exciting. I have spent more time playing these games than any other games series ever. But, and this is a big BUT, it is a deadly place full of dangers such as darkspawn, dragons, giants, crazy mages and possessed templars… the list just goes on and on.

Thedas – source

So I think we can rule this one out as well, even though there are definite bonuses to living there (named Alistair, Zevran, Fenris, and Cullen – mmm Cullen…). Still, I doubt I would last five minutes in Thedas. 😀

Final Fantasy

The choice is pretty clear then, it’s gotta be Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy VIII to be exact). This is really hearkening back to my youth but I loved the whole concept of Final Fantasy VIII, especially the organisation of SeeD and I would have loved to been a part of that back then (and still would to be honest).

Final Fantasy VIII – source

Those are still pretty awesome graphics even though the game was out in 1999. I coveted the game for a long time and when I finally caved and bought it, I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. So Final Fantasy it is!


Currently Playing/Recommended: Life is Strange: Chaos Theory

This game seriously just gets better with every episode. I really didn’t think Dontnod could top the second episode for thrills and shocks but boy did they deliver with this installment. This. Game. Is. Just. So. Darn. Good.


I thoroughly recommend this to any gamer that loves a well-thought out and executed story. Bring on part 4!! 😀

Happy Gaming!


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4 responses to “Read Play Blog #12

    • Brin

      It is an awesome meme. I noticed the same thing about bloggers – so many are also gamers. It’s awesome!!

      Chaos Theory is the third part of the Life is Strange game. It’s released in episodes a bit like the Telltale games. It is such a great game – I am loving it and can’t wait for the next two installments. 🙂

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