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Stacking the Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality

what’s the buzz: weekly round-up and book haul

This week just flew by and the next thing I knew it was the weekend (which has also flown by way too fast *pouts*). I’ve spent most of this week playing KOTOR II: The Sith Lords in my spare time as well as catching up on my reading so nothing too exciting (for anyone else anyway – for me it was a dream week haha!) 😀

This weekend I’ve just chilled out reading Hunt the Fae by Natalia Jaster (I got an ARC because I’m on the ARC team – expect a review next week!) and bingeing Shadow and Bone. I’ve really enjoyed Shadow and Bone but it has reminded me I do need to get back to reading these books (only read the first book of the Grisha trilogy – when it was first released as The Gathering Dark in the UK and I own that edition which goes for big bucks these days!)

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

  • Pre-order goodies from F.T. Lukens: I don’t have the book yet since In Deeper Waters isn’t out in the UK until June but I was happy to receive the pre-order swag including a signed book plate and super-cute stickers!
  • Nessian book sleeve from Book Besties UK: I love this artwork so much and just had to get a sleeve featuring it.
  • MXTX pins from NotVanessaLee: I am super-stoked with these awesome designs for each of the series – they are very detailed and stunning in person.
  • Rhysand pin from Po Jainter: I had to get this pin to go with my other ACOTAR collection – it is very cool… 😉


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books bought

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Graceling by Kristin Cashore | Fire by Kristin Cashore | Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore | Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore | Near the Bone by Christina Henry

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Acts of Love by Maureen Daly | Next Time I’ll Know by Zena Collier | I’m Kissing As Fast As I Can by Merrill Joan Gerber | The Perfume by Caroline B. Cooney | The Invitation by Diane Hoh

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett | When the World Was Ours by Liz Kessler | Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon | A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes | Switched by N.R. Walker | Galaxies and Oceans by N.R. Walker


stacking the shelves book haul week 217

The Twelfth of Never by N.R. Walker | Lucas by Jay McLean | Casper’s Ghosts by Victoria Hyder | For the Love of Scott by Jen Fitzgerald | The Bringer of Wrath by A.E. Via | Behind the Spotlight by Kristina Adams

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Stormfire by Jasmine Young | Girl of Flesh and Metal by Alicia Ellis | The Colours I See by Ila Golden | Masquerade by Joel Abernathy | Where the Boys Are by Christopher Murphy | Dark by Kat Kinney

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Doubting Hearts by Susan Mac Nicol | She Wants to Play by Anthony Taylor | Bad Boyfriend by Lexi Hart | Painting With Fire by Lissa Kasey | My High School Fake Boyfriend by Kylie Key | Devious Little Liars by Elle Thorpe

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

At the End of the Matinee by Keiichiro Hirano | My Forever, My Always by Taylor Rylan | Transformation by X. Aratare | The City on the Sea by Heather Carson | Whole by E.A. Rohler | Magic in Autumn Springs by K.B. Davenport

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Recovered Inked by Sky McCoy | Restored Inked by Sky McCoy | Siren’s Song by Kaye Draper | Falling for the Fling by Lili Valente | Criminal Intentions by Walker Frost | Solstice Surprise by Gabbi Grey

received for review

stacking the shelves book haul week 217

Hunt the Fae by Natalia Jaster

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