Stacking the Shelves #62

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Stacking The Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

  • Participants are to create their own Stacking the Shelves post and link bank to Tynga’s Reviews so more people can join the fun!
  • Posts can be laid out any way you want.
  • The host site posts updates on a Saturday but bloggers taking part can post any day they choose.
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The rules are simple and it is a really fun way to showcase your books and see what other bloggers are excited about this week! Not to mention the fact that it is a good way to interact with and get to know other bloggers!


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here are the books i added to my shelves this week:


 22561351  20300225  23624251

I have been wanting to buy Fairest for ages and I finally caved! Every Breath is also a book I have been wanting to read for a long time so when it went on sale (£3.33 for the hardback!) I couldn’t resist! Encounter looks like a fun story so I picked that up as well.

59  81073  81153  19547151

Now for the fairy tale retellings! I have wanted to read Patricia A. McKillip for ages so I finally decided to pick up a couple of her books (some of them are really hard to get a hold of). Briar Rose is another retelling that I have been wanting to read so I picked that up too. Rounding this list off, I also decided to pick up Entreat Me (as I had bought the author’s other two books last week). I am pretty excited about my little fairy tale haul!



I won this book in a giveaway held by the lovely Christina @ Christina Reads YA. Thanks so much to Christina for this amazing giveaway (and also for making the giveaway international – the postal costs for this must have been astronomical). I was really excited to receive this package in the mail this week.

kindle first:


I am really loving the Kindle First option to read upcoming releases a month ahead of their release date (even better for me as an Amazon Prime member – I get the book for free). This fantasy novel looks awesome!


17670591  17673307  17882076  18597016

There were a ton of freebies up on Amazon this week. I couldn’t resist picking up a few (well 16 actually but who’s counting 😉 ). Temporary Bliss and Neanderthal Seeks Human look like decent romances. Not normally my genre of choice but I want to start branching out a bit more again. A Song for Julia I just had to snap up since I already have one of the books in this series. Chasing Nikki also looked pretty good.

18901099  18921809  18943370  20507322

I have heard a lot about Cora Carmack recently so couldn’t resist picking up All Lined Up. I hadn’t heard of Inky, Bound or Angel After Dark but the blurbs for these books sounded pretty interesting.

21417317  21822863  21936321  23411361

Arouse and Reasonable Doubt also looked pretty good and I have been meaning to pick up the Fallen Crest High series for a while so was happy to pick up the first book as a freebie! Southern Rocker Boy also had an interesting blurb.

22723776  23441296  23634613  24605558

I have heard a lot about Dusty (which started off as a highly regarded Twilight fan fiction). When I saw that the newly reworked story was available for free I just had to pick it up. Maps looks like a really interesting read (always up for a bit m/m) and Existence also looked pretty intriguing (plus I’ve heard a lot about Abbi Glines).

for review:

19101206  23210078  23453993  21763518

I was overjoyed to be approved for both Watch the Sky and The Stars Never Rise. I adored Kirsten Hubbard’s Wanderlove and Rachel Vincent is one of my favourite authors. I was also really looking forward to A School for Unusual Girls so was delighted to be approved for this as well. I hadn’t heard of The Zeuorian Awakening but was drawn in by the synopsis.

22009384  23130282  22825595  23561166

The Edge of Forever has been on my radar for ages so I was really happy when it came up on Edelweiss as a download (same with The Temple of Doubt). Taking The Stand is another book I was happy to get approved for because I have the first two books in the series and now can read them all together! Nowhere But Here also looked really awesome (and I have yet to be let down by a Katie McGarry book). 😉

24539156  23602375  25262210  25131547

I was very happy to be approved for Fury (having the first book already) and The Dark Light looks really awesome. Also rocking a bit of old skool with Eva Ibbotson and Greg Keyes.


Well, that it for this week folks. I went a bit mad as per usual but I am really excited about my haul this week. I had a lot of fun with my purchases/acquisitions!

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20 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #62

    • Brin

      Thanks! I have no idea when I will find the time to read them all though – the only downside of a book-buying splurge lol. 😉

      Awesome haul – I’m really looking forward to Vengeance Road!!

    • Brin

      I will need to check it out – thanks for the heads up! 😉

      Awesome haul – Every Last Word looks so good! And I love your mugs! 🙂

    • Brin

      Thanks! I hope so too lol. Enjoy your haul – you have reminded me that I really need to seek out Kristen Ashley’s books!! 🙂

    • Brin

      Thanks! I’m glad to hear that about The Stars Never Rise – I have loved the author’s previous series so I am glad it sounds just as great. 🙂

      Awesome haul – How to Lead a Life of Crime sounds great – just added it to my tbr!

      Thanks so much for following. <3

  1. WOWSERS. You got some great books this week. They look fabulous and so many of them. I have read one Cora Carmack book and I loved it.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    • Brin

      Haha – yeah I went a bit crazy this week! I am really excited about my haul – though I have no idea where to start!!

      Oooh you got The Diamond Conspiracy – I really need to catch up with the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series – I haven’t even read the third book yet!

      Hope you enjoy all of your lovely books. 🙂

    • Brin

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Fairest and Every Breath – they both look pretty fantastic. 🙂

      I am really excited for The Stars Will Never Rise too – I actually did a little dance when I was approved for an ARC!! It does sound like a really great story.

      Hope you enjoy your books this week. I haven’t read any Melissa De La Cruz books – will need to check them out. 🙂

    • Brin

      Thanks! Fairest does have a stunningly gorgeous cover. The series is definitely worth reading – I would highly recommend it. 🙂

  2. Well you aren’t going to be short of something to read this week! *grins* I had the Gregg Rosenblum series on my wishlist at one point but I was put off by some of the reviews I read of Revolution 19. I’ll be interested to see what you think of this one!

    • Brin

      Lol – not for a while I think. 😀

      I am looking forward to starting the Gregg Rosenblum series – I had not heard too much about it but it looks interesting so I am hoping it will a decent read.

      Awesome haul – I have been meaning to read Laura Bickle for ages – looking forward to seeing your thoughts on The Hallowed Ones and The Outside. 🙂

    • Brin

      I know what you mean – there are just so many great looking books out there it is hard to keep track. 🙂

      Aww thanks – that’s really nice of you to say. <3

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