Ten Fave Characters From Different Fandoms

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top ten favourite characters from different fandoms - gaming edition

Ten Favourite Characters From Different Fandoms

I saw this tag on Tumblr (from an account I follow: nautseverywhere) and thought it would be really fun list some of my favourite gaming characters! I am constantly singing bookish characters praises and these videogame characters also are deserving of so much love. I haven’t been tagged officially but I’ve decided to tag myself anyways so feel free to also consider yourself tagged if you so wish. 😉


1. Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect trilogy

shakarian dance

Garrus Vakarian is the perfect companion in my opinion. He’s endlessly loyal, fiercely protective, funny, and just an all-around suave badass (except when it comes to wooing the ladies, bless him, he turns into a major dork then haha!) Whether I’m romancing him or not, and I usually am to be fair, my Shepard always has Garrus as her wingman (after all, there is no Shepard without Vakarian!)

2. Fenris from Dragon Age 2

fenris gif problematic fave

Sigh. I remember when Fenris was just MEG (Mysterious Elf Guy) on the old BioWare Social Network. From his very first introduction (when he does his… ahem… magical fisting thing, thank you very much for that Isabela!) I was hooked on the character. The look, the voice (OMG the voice!) he ticked all of my boxes. I have tried to romance other characters and I just can’t do it. Fenris is it for me in DA2 and he is always in my party.

3. Andrew (Lucky) Mancer from The Technomancer

andrew gif

Andrew is simply my favourite character across all of Spiders games (and they have some great characters). His tragic past, his disability and his drive to not let it hold him back… pure catnip for me. I just love him and he never leaves my party once he joins up with the protagonist Zachariah. I also love the way the love story with him develops – it just feels right in a way the other love interests can’t compete with (don’t get me wrong though – I actually love both Niesha and Amelia as characters!) The achievement for successfully entering a romance with Andrew is termed ‘Soulmate’ and it’s very apt, I think.

4. Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition

solas gif

I love angst and this romance does not fail to deliver on that front! It’s the most tragic romance in the game and very heavily gated (you can only romance Solas with a female elf character). However, leaving the romance to the side, I find Solas to be the most interesting character in the game (and it is chock-full of interesting characters so to say he stands out is an achievement in itself!) This seemingly unassuming elven mage apostate is not what he seems and piecing together his story is very rewarding. I can’t wait for the next game where he will be the antagonist!

5. Lucas the Apprentice from the Plague Tale games

lucas gif

These games have become a recent favourite of mine and as much as I adore the main character siblings Amicia and Hugo, I have such an appreciation for Lucas who is ever by their side. He acts as a moral compass for Amicia and very much helps her to retain her humanity even through all the trials she and Hugo have to face. I dearly hope for another entry in this series (I don’t feel Amicia’s story is done quite yet) and if it transpires then Lucas better be a major part of it.

6. Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV

prompto gif

Prompto is my sunshine boy! I just adore him so much. I love the core four (lovingly nicknamed by the fandom the Chocobros haha!) but Prompto just hits on another level for me. I went into the game fully expecting Ignis to be my favourite (he’s my number two lol) but Prompto won me over with his sunny disposition and cheerful outlook. I loved him even more when he reveals that although he puts on a cheerful, helpful front, he has hidden insecurities from a sad and lonely childhood. I love him a healthy amount. 😜

7. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII

squall gif

I just love a grumpy loner type and Squall certainly is that! For the longest time FF8 was my favourite FF game (it’s still up there) and I just really related to Squall back in the day. I’m a lot older (and hopefully, maybe, wiser!) so the emo loner boy isn’t maybe as appealing as it once was but I still like him a lot (how could I not, rumour has it he was modelled after one of my favourite childhood actors River Phoenix!)

8. Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII

aerith gif

Wow, is Aerith really the only female character on this list? For shame! She is an amazing character and I’ve loved her since I played the original FF7 so many years ago. I loved her even more after playing the FF7 Remake a couple of years ago! She is the very definition of the sunshine character (to Cloud’s grump hehe) and I loved their interactions and how she was able to get Cloud to open up (somewhat).

9. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

cloud gif

C’mon, I couldn’t have Aerith on this list without my boy Cloud! This poor guy has so much against him from the get-go and he initially starts out very closed off and unemotional but as the game progresses he gradually opens up to his companions, particularly Aerith and Tifa. I love his backstory and he is one of the best playable characters in FF history.

10. Clive Rosfield from Final Fantasy XVI

clive gif

I’m actually still in the middle of my first playthrough of this game but Clive is just such a honey I had to include him here. He’s an amazing character who has zero self-confidence and never thinks he is good enough. He just breaks my damn heart and I want to give him (and most of the other characters as well) the whole world. He is precious.


Okay, so the latter half of my list was dominated by FF characters haha! Well, these games helped inform my gaming preferences so it’s not really a surprise that some of my favourites are from this series. 😉

some honourable mentions:

Astarion from Baldur’s Gate 3: I haven’t even played this yet but already this insolent, foppish vampire elf has stolen my heart haha!

Dion Lesage from Final Fantasy XVI: Holy hells, Final Fantasy’s first *spoilers* canon queer character in a relationship with his childhood friend? One of my favourite tropes ever!! I adore him and Terence so much!! *end spoilers* He is so very pretty and such a pure character.

Kurt from Greedfall: I love this bashful mercenary with a heart of pure gold. I was all set to romance Vasco and he swooped in and stole away with my De Sardet. ❤️

Amicia de Rune from A Plague Tale Innocence and Requim: Amicia is everything you want in a strong female MC. I just love her.

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Tifa is such an amazingly warm and caring character who can also kick ass with the best of them! (she’s actually the best fighter in the game which is awesome!)

Kerry Eurodyne from Cyberpunk 2077: I love Kerry and really need to roll a male V character so I can finally romance him.


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