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Characters You Would Love to Have at Your Birthday Party

I’m a day late (again!) with this week’s T5W post but I had to take part especially because it actually happens to be my birthday this week (can you credit it? haha!). The prompt states:

If your birthday were to be today, what characters would you love to have at your birthday party? Would you invite your favourite characters? Those who know how to throw a good party and liven things up? Maybe a little bit of both? Talk about who you would invite and love to see celebrate your birthday!

So with this in mind, here are 5 characters I would love to have at my party, reasons for which will be given below!


1. Lucien Vanserra from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

characters I'd invite to my birthday party

Lucien is my favourite character from this series (pretty much from the very first time he opened his mouth haha!) and I bet he would be great company (plus would never forget to bring a present for the birthday girl a.k.a. me!!)

2. Baz Pitch from Simon Snow trilogy by Rainbow Rowell

characters I'd invite to my birthday party

Baz would for sure bring a sophistication to the events; he is a classy lad after all! Plus, I find him funny and just adore him so as long as he doesn’t drink me to death (vampire after all) he would be most welcome!

3. Cardan Greenbriar from The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black

characters I'd invite to my birthday party

C’mon, this one is a no-brainer – Cardan is the party king (literally hehe). This boy knows how to have a good time and would be the life and soul of any party!

4. Jos Musey from the Warchild series by Karin Lowachee

characters I'd invite to my birthday party

This feels kinda cruel on Jos (he isn’t one to enjoy social interactions at all) but the boy needs to come out of his shell so I would drag him along to my birthday party and show him a good time (no, not like that!) Course, he might murder me first… ah well, worth it!

5. Jacks (The Prince of Hearts) from Caraval/Once Upon a Broken Heart series by Stephanie Garber

characters I'd invite to my birthday party

His kiss kills but I wouldn’t care one whit about that – he is welcome at my party all day and all night baby haha! Seriously though, his hedonistic nature would liven up any social event so Jacks is a shoe-in. 😉


All photos used have been taken by me of merch I have bought and books I own but I claim no right to the art or cover art – just a major appreciator of pretty bookish art!

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characters I'd invite to my birthday party

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