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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey. You get a new topic every Wednesday, and you then list your Top 5 books related to the particular topic.

Today’s Topic is: Top 5 Fictional Cities

Can I just say how much I love this topic? I have been flailing and fangirling over which fictional cities to include (guys, it was sooo hard trying to narrow the list down to just five *pouts*) but it was just so much fun!! Here are my choices:

1. Melusine from The Doctrine of Labyrinths series by Sarah Monette


This city is often a dark and terrible place but it is so richly depicted and steeped in such history and culture, I cannot help but feel like it would be an interesting place to visit. Sarah Monette has such a way with words and descriptions that Melusine comes fully to life.

2. Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

middle earth

I hotly debated with myself what city I would choose from Middle Earth. There are so many incredible-sounding places in Tolkien’s fictional world. I was tempted to go with Rivendell or Lothlorien (because Elves rule) but eventually settled on Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. The place just has such a rich history and the architecture just sounds incredible.

3. Terre d’Ange from The Kushiel’s Universe series by Jacqueline Carey


The city of Terre d’Ange sounds lush and beautiful. I found myself swept up in the culture of this incredible city right from the very first page of Kushiel’s Dart. I have re-read this series several times and I never fail to be caught up in the wonder and beauty of Carey’s stunning world.

4. Kelsingra from The Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb


Although there are many fascinating cities and towns to choose from in this series, the one that captured my attention the most was Kelsingra, the mythical ancestral homeland of the thought-to-be-extinct dragons and their elderling companions. This city is imbued with mystery and wonder. Abandoned for centuries, it is rediscovered and settled once again when the dragons of legend (sort-of!) return.

5. Gormenghast from The Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake


This was a strange and unsettling city, with many unusual nooks and cranny’s that could be very dangerous for the unwary. I can’t always say I loved this series (it can be very confusing and it is easy to get lost in all the excessive and evocative descriptions) but it is a place like no other and I find it ultimately fascinating.

 honourable mentions:

Valyria from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

London Below from Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Auranos from the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

Anywhere from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

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