Top Ten Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

This is a fun topic this week! I often wax lyrical about my favourite characters but it can be a lot of fun talking about characters you dislike or just cannot relate to. Here are some characters who immediately sprang to mind!

finnikin of the rock

1. Evanjalin

I really disliked this character even though the book is one of my favourites. Everything about Evanjalin rubbed me the wrong way. Her manipulation of everyone around her just really grated and I felt that she used people for her own means. Even when the reasons for this was made clear, it still didn’t endear her to me at all.

eleanor and park

2. Eleanor

I’m probably going to get rocks thrown at me for this but I found it really difficult to connect with Eleanor. I sympathised with her but she was just so difficult to get to know. There are reasons for this which become clear during the narrative but by the time these were explained it was already too late to form a connection.


3. Lucas

This one hurt a bit considering how much I enjoyed the first book. I loved Lucas as seen from Jacqueline’s point of view but he just wasn’t as interesting when getting the story from his perspective. Some of this may be down to my fatigue with getting the same story from the other love interest’s perspective but mostly I think that the mystery was what made Lucas so appealing in the first place.

falling for the ghost of you

4. Violet

I went into this book thinking I was going to love it (based on all the rave reviews I had seen) but I ended up not particularly enjoying this story and that was mainly down to the main character Violet who I really couldn’t stand to be honest. She was clingy, unreasonably jealous and just not a very nice person.

night beach

5. Abbie

Abbie was a really frustrating main character. Her inexplicable crush on her step-cousin Kane was difficult to swallow and although I enjoyed the tense, creepy atmosphere of the book, being in Abbie’s head was exhausting. I actually liked her but I found it very trying watching her pine after a guy who was just not that interesting.

gathering darkness

6. Lucia

I actually thought Cleo would be the character I struggled to connect with in the first book, but by the end she was my favourite. Lucia, on the other had, can just go away anytime. Her storyline is interesting but I really just don’t like her at all.

left drowning

7. Chris

I really didn’t like the main love interest Chris in this book and actually wished that Sabin (his little brother) would sweep in and steal Blythe’s heart. Twas not to be, alas. Still a girl can dream, amiright? I actually understood a lot of Chris’s issues and did feel sympathetic but he really did treat Blythe like crap and I would not personally have stood for that.

forget you

 8. Zoey

Zoey is the very definition of a protagonist that is a struggle to click with. She, quite frankly, is a pain in the arse. She was just so darn wishy-washy. She really needed to grow up and develop a spine already!


9. Quinn

When I saw Quinn was going to be the other point of view character alongside from Nick in Secret I couldn’t help but groan out loud. I really struggled with her character in previous books. Although she grew on me a little reading Secret, I still do not particularly like her as a character.

until you

10. Jared

I really struggled with Jared in Bully although I enjoyed the story overall. I hoped that getting his perspective would make me empathise with him a little more and would shed some light on his (frankly) despicable treatment of Tate. Big nope. I still find him a total jerk. Blergh.


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