Settings I Want to See More Of

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Settings I Want to See More Of

Today’s topic is definitely my favourite Top 5 Wednesday yet! It was definitely fun to come up with the settings I want to see more of in books. Here are some settings which I crave big time – it was really hard narrowing this list to just five but I have done my best!

1. The Roaring Twenties

settings - roaring twenties

Libba Bray’s The Diviners series really whet my appetite for books set during this period. I do enjoy a good historical setting but there are so few set during this time. I definitely think it is an era that is rife with opportunities to plunder.

2. Atlantis

settings - atlantis

I love the whole mythos of Atlantis. What would make a better story than one of this doomed city? Prospero’s Children by Jan Siegel is a book I very much enjoyed reading and it really made me crave similar stories so if anyone can recommend any I would be greatly appreciative. 😉

3. Wasteland

settings wasteland

Yup, I’ve been playing a lot (a LOT) of Fallout 4 recently. I would love more books set in a post-apocalyptic Earth (I have read loads but I never get sick of the genre). Books set in the Fallout Universe is also something I could get behind. Food for thought…

4. Metropolis

settings - metropolis

The atmosphere of this classic sci-fi film is both grandiose and claustrophobic and a book with a similar theme is definitely one I would lap up! Coruscant (the planet entirely covered by a sprawling city) from the Star Wars saga and Midgar (the main city from Final Fantasy VII) also really appeals to me.  A massive futuristic city could be a very interesting setting. The rich would of course live in the higher echelons while the poor would toil away in the city’s vast underbelly… ideas are flowing fast here!

5. Ancient Egypt

settings - ancient egypt

Ancient Egypt is a fascination of mine (Ancient Greece too). To make it really pop, add a little bit of fantasy into the mix = a great idea for a YA novel! IMHO of course. 😉

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