Stacking the Shelves #125

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

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what’s the buzz: all things disney

Feeling the love for all things Disney this week! Really excited about the imminent release of the second ‘Wreck It Ralph’ film. All the trailers have me buzzed and that Merida clip? I’m still howling!

Planning a rewatch of some of my favourite Disney films like ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Robin Hood’… there’s just so much goodness to choose from!

Went to see ‘The Meg’ on Thursday. It was about what you would expect from a B-movie but it was incredibly entertaining all the same. I was ill at the beginning of the week so it didn’t get off to the best start but it has definitely perked up as the week has gone on.

I haven’t managed to get much reading done – I did re-read ‘Carry On’ when I was ill for a bit comfort-reading though so it’s not all bad. Lay in bed late this morning watching ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ which I actually really enjoyed (not a huge fan of the original films).

disney princesses and books bought

Also super-excited to receive the Disney Princess-themed necklaces from OhPandaEyes on Etsy (pictured below!) It doesn’t get much better than receiving a nice bundle of jewellery and books!

disney and books

Forbidden by Caroline B. Cooney | The Vanished by Celia Rees | Seventeenth Summer by K.M. Peyton | Little White Lies by Lois I. Fisher | I Can’t Forget You by Lois I. Fisher

Just a couple (well, five) vintage books this week. Some Point fiction books and Sweet Dreams titles. I’m trying to curb my spending a bit (not really working out all that well!) I also received my Illumicrate subscription box but unfortunately already have the book (but at least the copy in the box was an exclusive version!) I haven’t included it for spoiler reasons.

received for review

disney and books

Thief of Cahraman by Lucy Tempest | Undue Influence by Jenny Holiday | Position in Paris by Megan Reddaway

Agin, I’ve really been trying to limit my ARC’s so only a couple this week. They all looking really intriguing though – looking forward to starting them (one is an Aladdin-retelling and another a Persuasion retelling so thumbs up from me!)

disney gif

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2 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #125

  1. Amber Elise

    I’m really hoping that Wreck it Ralf has more Princess scenes, they’re already my fave!

    I saw CRA yesterday and the theater next to us was playing The Meg and it sounded…intense. haha!

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