Stacking the Shelves #124 & Blogoversary

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

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what’s the buzz: belated blogoversary

Well, for starters I totally forgot about my blogoversary last Saturday. My blog officially turned 5 – can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it up this long! So happy belated blogoversary to me, I guess? Been a pretty quiet week otherwise, not much going on at all.

I did finish reading the ‘Iron Breakers’ trilogy and I loved it! I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to this series (I bought it ages ago) but I’m very glad I did. 🙂

books bought

Just a regular-ish haul this week. Got to watch those pennies unfortunately. Still, I managed to get some awesome books this week so I’m happy.

blogoversary and books

Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas | Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng | The Lost Witch by Melvin Burgess

I have been looking forward to the Catwoman book by Sarah J. Maas for ages – I’m so glad I got the exclusive hardback edition (which came signed!) I also picked up ‘Everything I Never Told You’ – been wanting to read this for ages so when I saw it going for £2 on Amazon, well it was a no-brainer! I also got ‘The Lost Witch’ in a book box and it looks super-intriguing.

blogoversary and books

Life Without Friends by Ellen Emerson White | D.A.R.Y.L. by N.H. Kleinbaum | Hunter’s Moon by Debra Doyle & James D. MacDonald

I already own ‘Life Without Friends’ but my copy is a tatty ex-library copy and I wanted a better-condition one. So what I got was… a slightly less tatty ex-library copy! Ah well, you win some, you lose some. I was also really happy to pick up a copy of ‘D.A.R.Y.L.’ – I loved the movie as a kid. Rounding out my vintage haul was ‘Hunter’s Moon’ which finally completed the ‘Bad Blood’ trilogy for me.

blogoversary and books

The Flame Never Dies by Rachel Vincent | Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

I was approved for ‘Fury’ via Netgalley last week which reminded me I still hadn’t bought ‘Spectacle’ as yet. This then reminded me I hadn’t bought ‘The Flame Never Dies’ which I have been meaning to for ages. Two birds and all that… 😉

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me these last 5 years!

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4 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #124 & Blogoversary

  1. Happy blogoversary! Yay for 5 years! 🙂 And Spectacle reminds me I still need to read that , especially with Fury on the way.

    That Catwoman hardcover looks great.

  2. Angelica Joy

    Happy Blogoversary!! 5 years is an achievement…congratulations!!!

    Where did you get a signed copy of Catwoman? I had it on my WoW post a few months ago. Getting a signed copy and ltd ed from Litjoycrate but I do love the UK copy better

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