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Series That Got Worse With Each Book/Season

Alrighty, I’m a day late (again!) but it’s time for another throwback topic for T5W! This week is a prompt from December 2016 that I missed first go around so it’s time to rectify this! I’m going to cover both TV and book series just to mix things up a bit!

1. TV Series: The Walking Dead

glenn the walking dead gif

Sigh. This one really hurts because I used to love The Walking Dead. Even though each subsequent series got a little weaker it was really the last couple of series that lost my interest entirely. My other half still watches it but I gave up about two seasons ago. I think the show lost its heart when Glenn died.

2. Book Series: Earth’s Children by Jean M. Auel

earth's children series

I adored Clan of the Cave Bear when I read it as a teen and I still think it holds up pretty well. However, as the series went on, the quality began to dip. I barely made it through The Shelters of Stone (which was a bitch because I waited so long for it to be released – there was a major gap between this and the previous book The Plains of Passage). i’m honestly not sure if I will ever read the last book The Land of Painted Caves or not.

3. TV Series: Heroes

heroes gif

Heroes had an amazing first season (it maybe had the best pilot for any series except maybe Lost) and the first season remained strong. The second season kinda crashed and burned and the third and fourth series were downright unwatchable (I haven’t actually made it through the whole of series four even though I have persisted in trying). So very disappointing.

4. Book Series: Green Rider by Kristen Britain

green rider series

The first book was magical and was a total revelation for me. I also really enjoyed the second and third books even thoughthey didn’t have quite the magic that the first book did. However, book four is where it started to go really wrong for me and I never made it all the way through book five. I may go back to it but for the moment, the series is in the doghouse for me.

5. TV Series: Once Upon A Time

once upon a time gif

I loved the premise of this series so much (major Disney fan here!) and the first series was sheer perfection. However, with each following season the show started to veer away from the original set up. Villains were redeemed (some deservedly, others not so much) and too much focus was given to fan favourites at the expense of other characters. I stuck around up until about season five but after that only tuned in now and again. I haven’t watched the rebooted season seven at all and have no desire to.

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  1. Heroes was so great in the beginning, but by the end it was so disappointing. I managed to stick around for OUAT for the first 6 seasons but I pretty much gave up on the final seaason after the first episode.

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