Changes In My Reading Life

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Changes In My Reading Life

Now this is a topic I can really sink my teeth into! I have had many (many!) changes in my reading life over the last ten years so here are some of the major changes that have affected my reading:

1. Starting a blog

Yep, this is probably the biggest one! I’ve always been a voracious reader but starting a blog has definitely made me a bit more discerning about what I am reading. If I’m not enjoying something, I no longer feel the need to persevere (though I may go back to a book or series, I am a mood reader after all and sometimes I’m just not feeling it in the moment but it doesn’t mean I will never connect with a story).

2. Collecting various editions

I definitely have jumped on the special editions bandwagon! Not only do I often buy multiple copies of the books I love (eBook copies too for reading on the go) I love all the different collector’s editions.

3. Bookstagram

Instagram is probably my favourite form of social media though I do like Twitter and Facebook (for groups) as well. I just love taking pictures of my books. I am by no means the most creative with my layouts but I enjoy doing it and I love buying and using bookish props and merch to offset my books. It’s just so much fun!

4. Book Subscription boxes

I adore book subscriptions (I would totally get them all if I could afford it!) There is just something rather thrilling about getting a bookish box full of goodies each month. I have discovered so many fabulous reads thanks to book boxes – a lot of which I would probably never have found myself.

5. Reading more often on Kindle

I was always someone who hated the idea of giving up my physical books (and it’s definitely not something I would ever do) but lately I have been finding I read on my Kindle more and more. Even with books I own, I tend to also pick up the eBook version and read that over my physical copies. It probably has a lot to do with many of my books still being boxed away but I definitely have noticed a shift, regardless.

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6. I buy way more books than I used to

This may have something to do with Bookstagram, but I definitely buy a lot more books than I used to! Seriously, I used to borrow from the library frequently, now I can’t even remember the last time I set foot in my local library. It’s a shame (especially for my wallet!) but what are you going to do? 😉

7. I buy a lot of vintage books

I have also started amassing a huge collection of vintage books. I would never consider buying vintage before (also part of my OCD since I hated damaging my books in any way, shape, or form). However, over the last couple of years I have started to appreciate a well-loved book (not that I would ever allow myself to submit my new books to any wear and tear). I love getting different editions and seeing how cover art has changed over the years.

8. I think more critically when reading

I have found myself being far more critical of books than I used to be. I still read for fun (and some books I have no intention of reviewing – they are just solely for entertainment), nonetheless, I tend to put my reviewer hat on whilst reading these days. It’s a curse haha!

9. Joining social media

I never used to join anything. I am actually quite shy in real-life and I often struggle with social phobia which makes interacting with others problematic for me at times. Yet, I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone to engage on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… you name it. I’m still not great at responding to comments on my blog (due in large part to my anxiety) but I’m getting better slowly and am hopeful that someday soon I will be able to step up again and interact with those lovely people stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere (I do read and appreciate every comment!)

10. Reading more contemporaries

I have always veered towards fantasy (young adult or otherwise) so it’s a big change that I have really started to enjoy more contemporary novels. I will always love fantasy – and it is still my favourite genre – but I’m happy to be branching out more and giving other genres a chance.

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6 responses to “Changes In My Reading Life

  1. Change is good, good for you. I like that you keep your books, I always have, but have recently been getting more into decluttering. I boxed up all my excess books and donated them to the library. It was hard, but I feel good about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can relate to most of these! 🙂
    Starting a blog – Yep!
    Bookstagram – Yep!
    Reading more on Kingle – Yep!
    Buying waaaaaay more books – Yep!
    Thinking more critically – Yep! (which sometimes ruins the whole enjoyment of reading!! lol)
    Joining social media – Ofc!!

    I feel like I was so naive when I started blogging “just for fun”, it slowly became my 2nd and 3rd jobs and completly changed my reading habits.

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