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Characters I’d Cosplay

This topic is way fun but there are just too many characters from books I’d want to cosplay as for Halloween! So instead, I’ve decided to list characters from video games I’d love to cosplay!

1. sara ryder – mass effect: andromeda

ryder gif

Honestly, most people would probably choose to go as Commander Shepherd but I have a soft spot for my Sara Ryder – Pathfinder of the Andromeda Initiative. I really loved how my first character looked visually and she would be fun to cosplay, for sure!

2. aerith gainsborough – final fantasy vii

cosplay aerith gif

Look, I adore Aerith – always have, always will. She was definitely my favourite character from Final Fantasy VII (and since this game had a lot of great characters – that’s really saying something). I definitely think her iconic look would be a fun costume for Halloween.

3. alice mcgee – alice: madness returns

cosplay alice gif

I love Alice in Wonderland a lot in any format – book, movie – it’s all good. I do think the version of Alice for the game Alice: Madness Returns has such an unusual aesthetic which would be fun to wear as a costume.

4. yuna – final fantasy x

cosplay yuna gif

I love Yuna’s character in Final Fantasy X. She manages to be a soft character while also being pretty darn badass. I also really love her representation in-game and her look would be a dream to cosplay.

5. rachel amber – life is strange: before the storm

cosplay rachel amber gif

Although I relate to Max the most and find Chloe the most visually interesting character, the whole point of dressing up for Halloween is to be someone totally unlike yourself. I will never be as cool as Rachel Amber in real life but it would be fun to pretend to be for an evening. 😉

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