Fictional Bucket List #7

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fictional bucket list

I have spotted several versions of the Fictional Bucket List popping up on a few blogs now and I think it is really awesome so I couldn’t resist making up a list of my own!

Fictional Bucket List

Basically it is a bucket list for all the literary worlds you would love to visit or literary characters you would like to interact with – the sky’s the limit! Throughout the months of October/November I will be counting down my top 10 so stay tuned! I have already shared my #10 choice here, my #9 choice here, and my #8 choice here. My choice for #7 is…


anne of green gables

Anne was probably my favourite fictional heroine as a girl. She was flawed but amazingly relatable and her story was completely compelling (plus Gilbert Blythe *sigh*). I am so glad I read this series when I was young as it definitely had a profound affect on me. I also watched and loved the miniseries (and its two sequels) and the spin-off series The Road to Avonlea.

Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of ...
Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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4 responses to “Fictional Bucket List #7

    • The mini-series was awesome! I also loved The Road to Avonlea. <3

      Jonathan Crombie was swoon-worthy in this – you are so lucky to have seen him perform in person! 🙂

  1. Oh man! I loved this series as a young girl. My aunt would read them to me in the evenings and it was always the best part of the day (unless I had a super fun day at school or something). I loved this one, and The Secret Garden and The American Girl series. Later I got into The Babysitter’s Club and the Dear America series. And now I’m rambling. sorry. This just made me so nostalgic 🙂

    • It is such an incredible series – I devoured the books as a kid. lol 🙂 That was so nice of your aunt to read them to you – must make the memory of them even more special. <3

      The Secret Garden was another favourite of mine and I read nearly the whole of the Babysitter's Club series too. I don't remember ever reading The American Girl or Dear America series – it's possible they were never released in the UK.

      Lol that's absolutely fine – ramble away!! I love to talk about all my nostalgic reads too and have spent many, many hours on Goodreads searching for old favourites. I get really excited when I find books I used to read. I have a terrible memory for remembering authors and titles but for some reason I always recognise cover art! 😉

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