Fictional Bucket List #8

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fictional bucket list

I have spotted several versions of the Fictional Bucket List popping up on a few blogs now and I think it is really awesome so I couldn’t resist making up a list of my own!

Fictional Bucket List

Basically it is a bucket list for all the literary worlds you would love to visit or literary characters you would like to interact with – the sky’s the limit! Throughout the months of October/November I will be counting down my top 10 so stay tuned! I have already shared my #10 choice here, and my #9 choice here. My #8 choice would be…


secret garden

The Secret Garden is my favourite childhood book but I actually never would have read it if I hadn’t first seen this adaptation. I doubt very much that it was the best adaptation ever made (both Mary and Dickon have American accents for one thing 😛 ) but I had a bit of a crush on Barrett Oliver as a young preteen so I loved his version of Dickon (woefully anachronistic as the accent may have been!) and this version has always been my ‘definitive’ version (mainly because it was the first one I had ever seen).

I chose this for my #8 slot because the book still remains a favourite of mine to this day and Dickon is my favourite character (who wouldn’t love a boy who can charm animals?) 😉


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