Fictional Crushes

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fictional crushes

I’ve posted before about book boyfriends but I thought it might be fun to list some of my other favourite fictional crushes, from television shows and movies. I’ve never really crushed on real-life people all that much (even when I was younger). That felt like taking it a step too far. But the characters they play? Well, that’s a whole different story!

Fictional Crushes

I have fairly eclectic tastes in my fictional men, it seems. I like some manly men, more sensitive guys, snarky and sassy ones, even some earnest types. I tend to be drawn to more vulnerable characters in general so even the ones with attitude are usually hiding some kind of inner pain or trauma. I’m not sure what that says about me… 😉

1. Kyle Reese from The Terminator

kyle reece gif

I got the idea for this post after watching The Terminator again yesterday (for the umpteenth time). I was struck again by just how attractive Michael Biehn was as Kyle Reese… actually, maybe it is an actor thing because I find him attractive in Aliens and the various other movies he’s popped up in over the years too – food for thought… Anyway, I have always had a bit of a thing for Kyle Reese – a damaged soldier intent on protecting the one he loves even at the cost of his own life? Oh, hell yes!

2. Cooper Hawks from Space: Above and Beyond

cooper hawks gif

Another military man, Cooper Hawks was the perfect mix of soulful and tough. Also, he was hot as hell. Like, scorching hot. Played with a deft hand by Rodney Rowland (a former model), Cooper was innocent yet worldly, strong yet incredibly vulnerable. His story pulled me in right away and although I enjoyed the heck out of all the cast (they were all brilliant) Cooper was and still is my favourite (and not just because I would have wanted to jump his bones haha!)

3. Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

loki gif

Who wouldn’t love the god of mischief and trickery? Loki is the kind of character that is catnip to me. He is troubled, carries a whole lot of baggage, is the very definition of a bad boy, and is pretty much someone you really shouldn’t be entangling yourself with in any capacity. I wouldn’t go there is real life (well, you know what I mean!) but as a character I find him eminently fascinating. He is a conundrum – you know you shouldn’t really like him but you just cannot help it. Plus, Tom Hiddleston. Enough said. 😉

4. Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

bucky gif

On the other end of the scale, we have Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier aka the most tortured character in the Marvel Universe. He pretty much ticks all my boxes plus it helps that he is played by Sebastian Stan, a man with eyes so soulful you could get lost in them. Seriously, he does all of his best acting with his eyes, says so much without uttering a word. Bucky is a tragic character and I just want to protect him at all costs.

5. Lucas from Empire Records

lucas gif

Lordy, I had such a crush on Rory Cochrane in this movie! Lucas was pretty much my ideal guy when I was a young teen. He was cool, he wore all black, was troubled but cocky and quick-witted. The whole movie revolves around Lucas and I could never take my eyes off him. I must have rented the video a hundred times from my local video store (remember those? ah the nostalgia!) back in the days where movies took forever to come out on home video. I did eventually get my own copy and I think I wore the damn thing out because I watched it so many times.

6. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Universe

luke gif

I was never a Han Solo type of girl, I always vastly preferred that idealistic (and sometimes idiotic) farm-boy Luke Skywalker. It helps that Mark Hamill was just so dreamy back then haha (I still kinda love him, crusty, older man he is and all). Luke was the perfect type of crush of my pre-teen self. He was a safe type of option: PG-rated, even when he went a bit darker in later films.

7. Damar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

damar gif

Damar may not always have been a good guy but he was certainly conflicted about it all and somehow both very sexy and appealing. I would never have thought I would find a Cardassian attractive but somehow Casey Biggs managed to imbue in Damar a certain rugged appeal that went beyond physical appearance. Not a bad job considering he was buried under a tonne of latex (not that kind – ya filthy pups!)

8. Cassian Andor from Rogue One

cassian andor gif

Yep, another Star Wars crush #sorrynotsorry. Diego Luna is a cutie so it stands to reason I would find his character Cassian attractive. He’s good-looking, he’s deadly with a blaster, has a sad backstory, and is dedicated to the cause. Plus, he has a really sweet connection with Jyn even though… okay, I’m not saying anymore because spoilers! Suffice it to say, I was hooked on this story and this character (and he’s getting his own spin-off TV show – yay!!)

9. Campbell Bain from Takin’ Over the Asylum

campbell bain gif

I jumped on the David Tennant bandwagon years ago (25 years ago to be exact since this programme first aired on British TV in 1994 – how scary is that?!) I was years away from my own mental health diagnosis but this show struck a chord in me, and no character more than Campbell – the manic depressive (bipolar) disc jockey. I had the hugest crush (Huge. Massive.) I was pretty darn young though (probably too young for watching the show when I did but hey, never mind). 😉

10. Connor and Murphy MacManus from Boondock Saints

connor and murphy gif

Kinda a cheat with this one but I adored both of these fictional twin brothers (played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus). I switched back and forth on which twin was my favourite and firmly came out on the side of… both lol. Seriously though, I used to have a bit of an obsession with this film and these Irish lads.

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