Hell House Strikes Again!

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OK, so I was at work yesterday, on a backshift, when I get a call from my other half to tell me the kitchen had flooded! I immediately switch into panic mode but there is very little I can do when I still have about 45 minutes of my shift to go (except, well to be blunt, get even more anxious and stressed out).

I rush home (after the longest 45 minutes of my life) to find the kitchen still swimming in water. One of the pipes under the sink had burst. It was fixable but it was too late to get the necessary parts so the only option was to turn off the water altogether and sort it in the morning.


We had to decamp to my partner’s parents house for the night and sleep on a blow-up mattress (not the most comfortable thing in the world). I like order and routine (it’s the OCD in me) so this was a little bit nerve-wracking but I coped much better than I would have even a few months ago so I am taking that as a win!

The kitchen pipe is now sorted thanks to my partner’s dad (he is pretty much able to sort anything) and we are now back in our house, a little bit frazzled, but not too worse for wear. Luckily I was off work today so it didn’t cause as much hassle as it would have normally having to essentially abandon our house for the evening.


I swear, we have had nothing but problems since we bought this place. It has flooded no less than four times (once it was the toilet which is just plain yuck!) and one time the water tank burst and brought down the ceiling in the main hallway. Another time it was stormy weather which cause the roof tiles to lift and let in water which then brought down our bedroom ceiling.

I’m starting to think there is something supernatural going on. Or maybe we are just the unluckiest fools in the world – take your pick! 😉


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