My Ten Favourite Sweet Dreams Titles

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My Ten Favourite Sweet Dreams Titles

This week’s a freebie so I’ve decided to put on my nostalgia goggles and list my top ten favourite Sweet Dreams books! Although it’s doubtful I ever managed to read every book as a teen (there are 233 not including the various special editions and spin-off series!) I sure made a good stab at it!! 😉

I’ve spent the last seven years or so building my collection back up though some of the later books are nigh on impossible to find at a reasonable price. I’ve re-read some of them but for this list I’m mainly relying on (my sometimes faulty) memory.

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1. Winter Dreams – Barbara Conklin

This was probably my most favourite Sweet Dreams book for the longest time! It is pretty melodramatic considering the hero was rendered blind in an accident that also killed his first love and the heroine is afraid she won’t measure up (especially since she lied to him about her looks to make her sound more like his first girlfriend!) It is very soapy but I loved it as a young teen and still have loads of fond memories.

2. No More Boys – Charlotte White

After a failed romance, the main character Molly swears off boys and makes a bet with her best friend that she can go without them for at least the entirety of the summer (so, like, three months tops haha!) Of course, she hasn’t taken into account spending increased time with her BFF’s elder brother after he gets her a job working alongside him at a day camp for children. This was a seriously cute read – predictable but definitely sweet and fun.

3. Rocky Romance – Sharon Dennis Wyeth

This book has one of my favourite tropes (falling for brother’s best friend) and I always liked the fact that the heroine was shy (I was painfully shy as a teenager!) I remember this being a really sweet romance if a little cheesy at times (but to be honest, if you are reading a Sweet Dreams book in the first place, you are looking for a little bit of cheese!)

4. Tender Loving Care – Anne Park

I remember this one being a little more hard-hitting (well, for a Sweet Dreams title anyway). The main character’s mother is a social worker who fosters runaways and one of them is a boy that our heroine Juliet is initially mistrustful of but later develops romantic feelings for. She struggles with her feelings a lot and is unsure if she can trust this young man who has come into her life. It’s a tender (heh!) love story without being overly schmaltzy.

5. Kiss Me, Creep – Marian Woodruff

I liked this one a lot mainly because it was probably the first instance of me reading a book with my favourite trope of all – enemies to lovers! Joy (our heroine) has always had a tumultuous relationship with Richie (the ‘creep’ in question). Since she started at her new school he has always been there with taunts and jokes. However, after they are forced to spend some time alone together, she realizes that Richie has feelings for her and the boy that she has always ‘hated’ might not be so bad after all…

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6. The Love Hunt – Yvonne Greene

I like books where the protagonist ends up falling for the nerdy boy rather than the popular one and this book certainly delivers on that front. Erika has had a crush on the most popular boy in school for a while but ends up getting to know Andy, the smartest guy in school when he helps her with a biology project. Initially, she sees Andy as a chance to make her crush jealous but soon realizes that he is a kind and decent guy who might just be what she is really looking for.

7. My Perfect Valentine – Judy Baer

This is one of the first Sweet Dreams books I ever read and it remains a firm favourite. The main character Carissa is devastated when her long-term boyfriend unexpectedly dumps her for a more popular girl. Terminally shy Carissa has always struggled to make connections but she decides to throw herself into planning the next big school dance (after initially joining the committee at the behest of her now ex) and in doing so gets to know the handsome and mysterious Rafe. Who will be her Valentine? I bet you a million dollars you can correctly predict the outcome!!

8. Almost Perfect – Linda Joy Singleton

I really enjoyed this book and a big part of it was down to the fact that it had a protagonist with a disability due to an accident when she was younger which has caused her to walk with a pronounced limp. It was unusual for the main characters to be less than perfect so this really made this book stand out for me. I enjoyed the romance a lot too – it was very sweet.

9. Don’t Bet On Love – Sheri Cobb South

One of my top favourites! I love books where a makeover is involved and this one is even better because it’s the boy getting it for once! Molly is persuaded by her elder brother to help get his best friend a date with the popular girl he has been crushing on forever. She isn’t thrilled to be helping Gary, who is awkward and a bit of a klutz, but reluctantly agrees. However, she soon begins to see Gary in a new light and is less than thrilled when her makeover seems to be working. She fell for the old Gary but the new one might be leaving her behind…

10. Love Match – Janet Quin-Harkin

One of my favourite Sweet Dreams contributors, this book is maybe my favourite of hers (though they are all pretty great). I love the fact that the main character is a tomboy – and she doesn’t change herself jut to get with the boy she falls for. Her romantic interest isn’t perfect (and their relationship has more than a few hurdles to overcome) but the story was engaging and the dialogue was witty and true-to-life.


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