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stacking the shelves bookish haul

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what I have been up to

I have been buying a lot of vintage books this week – the nostalgia is strong with this one! Honestly, as soon as I have a little extra cash you can bet I am going to buy some vintage books. I love collecting them – especially Puffin books for some reason – but I love them all!

Apart from that, had a pretty chilled week. I only worked two days this week since I decided to use some annual leave. It was great just to relax and not worry about work. Managed to get out to the cinema again this week. Went to see ‘Adrift’ which was pretty harrowing but well worth a watch.

nostalgia all up in this place: vintage haul

nostalgia stacking shelves

Left Bundle:

He Stole Her Heart by Rachel Philips | Love Match by Lizzie Lees | Can’t Fight Love by Jodie Hammond | Flatmates by Lynn Kitchener | Dragon’s Blood by Jane Yolen | Heart’s Blood by Jane Yolen | Cards of Grief by Jane Yolen | Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen | Tales of Wonder by Jane Yolen | Briar Rose by Jane Yolen

I vaguely remember the ‘Tender Hearts’ series (or the covers at least!) so I just had to pick up these four books in the series. No idea what they will be like but sometimes you just have to take a chance. I also picked up these vintage Jane Yolen books – the covers are so very 1980’s – and I love them!

Right Bundle:

The Party by Christopher Pike | The Pit by Ann Cheetham | The Obsession by Jesse Harris | Aidan’s Fate by Jesse Harris | The Fear Experiment by Jesse Harris | True Disaster Stories by Terry Deary | The Locked Room by M.D. Spenser | Ghost Camp by RL Stine | The Crowmaster by Barry Hutchison | The Ghost Next Door by RL Stine | The Girl Who Cried Monster by RL Stine

I picked this little (or not so little) lot of books mainly for the Jesse Harris books! However, I am pretty stoked with the rest too. I remember reading both the ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Shivers’ series when I was much younger so a blast from the past!

nostalgia stacking shelves

Left Bundle:

Can You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice? by Paula Danziger | There’s A Bat in Bunk Five by Paula Danziger | The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paula Danziger | Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Susan Albertson | Divided Loyalties by Linda A. Cooney | Cold Feet by Jean Richardson | The Sara Summer by Mary Downing Hahn | The Cuckoo Sister by Vivien Alcock | The Gooseberry and Strangers in the House by Joan Lingard | The Hand-Me-Down Kid by Francine Pascal

I loved me some Paula Danziger when I was a wee mite. Ah the nostalgia! I was also happy to pick up one of the ‘Class of 89’ books. Which reminds me I need to buy the rest! A couple of other books I am not familiar with in this bundle except of course Francine Pascal! Every kid in the 1980’s and 1990’s had heard of her!

Right Bundle:

A Friend Like Phoebe by Marilyn Kaye | Lydia by Marilyn Kaye | Phoebe by Marilyn Kaye | Daphne by Marilyn Kaye | Cassie by Marilyn Kaye | Pardon Me, You’re Stepping on My Eyeball by Paul Zindel | That Was Then, This Is Now by SE Hinton | My Darling, My Hamburger by Paul Zindel

I remember way back when tearing my way through the Lions ‘Teen Tracks’ series. Ah, the memories! These covers also totally bring out the nostalgia llama in me! I have been meaning to pick up the ‘Sisters’ series for ages and when I saw a lot with all the books I knew I had to get them. Kismet!

nostalgia stacking shelves

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis | The Owl Service by Alan Garner | The Painted Garden by Noel StreatfieldAvalanche! by An Rutgers van der Loeff | The Picts and the Martyrs by Arthur Ransome | Further Adventures of the Family from One End Street by Eve Garnett | A Necklace of Glaciers by Showell Styles | Astercote by Penelope Lively | The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett | The Almost All-White Rabbity Cat by Meindert DeJong

A collection of Puffin novels (plus two Armada Lions and one Piccolo!) See, I told you I liked collecting Puffin books! I particularly love the ones that look as though they have been well-loved. I already own a couple of these but it was worth it for the ones I didn’t have. 🙂

nostalgia stacking shelves

Bloodchoice by Janice Harrell | The Teacher by Joseph Locke | 3 Books of Blood: The Principle, The Hunger, The Coach by MC Summer | 3 Times the Fear: Blood Brothers by Nicholas Adams, Love You to Death by Bebe Faas Rice, Deadly Stranger by MC Summer

With this little lot, my collection of ‘Nightmares’ series is finally complete – yowza!! I have been collecting this series for years so it’s good to finally have all the books. If I am being a total completionist, there are a couple of bundles I don’t have. But I’m not going to go out of my way looking for them (even though I want to!) If they happen to fall into my lap however… 😉

new books purchased:

nostalgia stacking shelves

Baby Doll by Hollie Overton | Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart | The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy | The Sun Dragon by Annabelle Jay | Starsong by Annabelle Jay | Caden’s Comet by Annabelle Jay

Just because I love collecting vintage books, it doesn’t mean I don’t the feel and smell of new books! I picked up several books that look awesome. I was particularly happy to pick up ‘The Creeping’ for only £2.40 for the hardback new! What a bargain!! It went back up in price the next day. I swear, amazon is like the stock market… 😉

kindle purchases:

nostalgia stacking shelves

Bad Idea by Nicole French | The Thought Readers by Dima Zales | Scythe by Neal Shusterman | Trick Play by Eden Finley

I picked up ‘Bad Idea, ‘The Thought Readers’ and ‘Scythe’ for free on Kindle (‘Scythe’ is still free FYI). I also grabbed ‘Trick Play’ as I quite enjoyed the first book in the series.

nostalgia stacking shelves

Brethren by WA Hoffman | Matelots by WA Hoffman | Treasure by WA Hoffman | Wolves by WA Hoffman

I’ve seen a few people whose opinions I trust recommending the ‘Raised by Wolves’ series. I read the sample chapter and I got pretty hooked so I knew I had to buy the series. Can’t wait to start it properly!

received for review:

nostalgia stacking shelves

Skating Through by Jennifer Cosgrove | The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis | Riven by Jane Avery Harris | The Academy by Quinn Anderson

I know, I know, I’ve been trying so hard to reduce the number of books requested for review but I couldn’t resist this lot! Look how pretty they look? *drools*

nostalgia stacking shelves

Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce | The Last Beginning by Lauren James | The Wolf and the Rain by Tanya Lee | My Real Name is Hanna by Tara Lynn Masih

I totally suck, I know it. These books looked too good to pass up. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m counting down to my summer hols so I can get some serious reading time in!!

nostalgia stacking shelves

The Survival Game by Nicky Singer | A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna | The Crystal Key by Robert Gronewold | Game of Secrets by Kim Foster

These are my last ARC’s – promise!!! Seriously, I need to get a crack on with these. I really don’t like letting publishers down when they are awesome enough to give out review copies.

nostalgia gif

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