Stacking the Shelves #113

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

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what I have been up to

Aside from spending way too much money on books and other bookish purchases, not a whole lot to be honest. I did go and see Deadpool 2 yesterday which I enjoyed quite a bit, even though it was nowhere near as good as the first film. I swear, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. All of the referential jokes were on point though even if the plot was a little bit thin.

latest book purchases

war storm purchases

I’m excited about ‘War Storm’ because I have been putting off reading this series until the last book was out. Now I can finally get stuck into it!

fool's errand purchases

I already own ‘The Tawny Man’ series but these covers are awesome so I just had to have them! Does anyone else purchases multiple editions of their favourite books??

golden fool purchases

I actually bought ‘The Golden Fool’ awhile ago but forgot so when I bought the other two books in the series with these awesome covers I had to include it.

fool's fate purchases

The final entry in ‘The Tawny Man’ series and the most heart-breaking one. I love this series the best of all the ‘Realm of the Elderlings’ books.

queen's of innis lear purchases

I got ‘The Queens of Innis Lear’ in a book box and it looks intriguing. How gorgeous is that cover too? The picture really doesn’t so it justice.

heart of the fae purchases

This series is giving me strong Juliet Marillier vibes so I am super-excited about starting ‘Heart of the Fae’! I love anything about mythology and the fae and retellings are my favourite thing of all!

veins of magic purchases

‘Vein’s of Magic’ is the follow-up to ‘Heart of the Fae’ so I had to buy it alongside the first book. I am s looking forward to starting this series. I have heard so many good things!

bride of the sea purchases

‘Bride of the Sea’ is part of ‘The Otherworld’ series but it is a standalone so could be enjoyed on its own merit. I’m definitely going to start with ‘Heart of the Fae’ though!

silver blood purchases

Another series by Emma Hamm that looks really interesting. I decided to pick this one up too. I love finding new (to me!) authors.

ninth gate purchases

‘The Ninth Gate’ looks amazing. Jen Williams is definitely an author who writes books that appeal to me so its time I tried one of her books.

received for review

cinderella boy purchases

This book looks really awesome. It definitely looks to be one that includes a lot of diversity and I am eager to see how well the author incorporates this. Plus, I love retellings!

good twin purchases

Twin stories are my weakness. I’ll admit it. This one looks super-twisted and definitely something I will enjoy. I can’t wait to start it!

mammoth purchases

Paleontology is a subject that fascinates me so this book drew me right away. It also features a plus size heroine and as a plus size gal myself that is awesome!

murder notes purchases

Another intriguing-looking thriller. IThese books are a draw to me lately. ‘Murder Notes’ definitely looks like something I will enjoy.

soul struck purchases

I’ll admit it now, it was the cover that drew me to this book but the blurbs sounds really interesting! I hope it lives up to my expectations!

stamp of nature purchases

‘The Stamp of Nature’ sounds really interesting. I like the idea of a book that chronicles a man’s life and the trials and tribulations that comes with it.

deadpool 2 purchases gif

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5 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #113

  1. I have also spent too much money on books this month 😀 But no, I am not guilty 😛
    I have been hearing amazing things about Deadpool but I haven’t even watched the first part so I am waiting to watch it.

    And your haul looks great. I got Cinderella Boy last week too and can’t wait to read it. I hope you enjoy your new reads.

  2. I’m on a self imposed book buying and it’s tough. I can’t wait until my ban is over so I can pick up War Storm, and like you, I’ve been holding off on starting the series.

    I haven’t read any books by Robin Hobb and those covers do look great. Jane Erye, I buy multiple editions because of the covers.

    I’m going to seeing Deadpool with my husband, looking forward to it. Honestly I don’t remember the first movie, I know I watched it. Enjoy your day.

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