Ten Signs I’m a Book Lover

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

Ten Signs I’m a Book Lover

I missed this yesterday (mainly because I slept most of the day away – not sure what the hell was wrong with me!) but I couldn’t miss this topic because it is so fun!

1. Bookish merch for days…

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I have fallen victim to bookish merch purchasing more times than I can count. You name the merch, I probably have it. Bookish mugs, totes, book sleeves, bookmarks, candles, art prints, pins, jewellery… I pretty much have it for the book fandoms I love (even some I haven’t even read yet – just because I liked the design etc. I have a serious problem!) 🤦

2. Multiple editions of favourite books

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Oh yeah, I am way guilty of having multiple editions of books. Usually my favourites but sometimes because I just like the aesthetic of particular editions. I used to hate having more than one copy of a book (and I wouldn’t choose to have the exact same edition unless one was signed or something) but now I like to collect different editions.

3. An actual room in my house designated as a ‘library’

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There’s a sign on the door and everything! Seriously, I have turned my spare room into a library after saying for years and years I was going to. It’s not quite finished yet (I keep having to store stuff in there) but I’m hoping that it will be at some point this year (it’s a work-in-progress). Fingers crossed!! 🤞

4. Running my own book blog

book lover

This may seem like an obvious one but although I have other interests I wouldn’t set up a blog devoted to them. I would only do this for books and reading (although I do occasionally branch out into my other hobbies for the odd post or so). Books have always been my go-to when I have some downtime and I don’t see that changing anytime soon…

5. Having a bookstagram account

book lover

I don’t have a personal Insta account – only one devoted to books! I’m not really one for posting selfies or anything about my day-to-day life but I do love taking photos of my books. I’m nowhere near as good at it as some are (honestly, some people just have a total gift for composition!) but I still enjoy it and some of my photos turn out alright if a bit amateurish! 🤪

6. Buying more books than I can physically read…

book lover

I think probably most bookworms are guilty of this one at some time or another… I literally have thousands of physical books and just as many eBooks. Not sure where I am going to find the time to read them all but there you go… (doesn’t stop me from buying more either!)

7. Subscribing to multiple book boxes

book lover

Yeah, I’m currently subscribed to four (was subbed to more in the past but some have since gone out of business) but there are a couple I get as and when there is a theme I like. This isn’t counting all the special edition boxes too. I keep saying I’m going to cut back on the boxes but it hasn’t happened yet… (and probably won’t, if I’m being honest). 😆

8. Buying a book cart because everyone else has one for their books…

book lover

This was a total case of FOMO, if I’m being totally, brutally honest! I couldn’t resist getting one when I saw all the pretty pictures on Bookstagram. I even got the teal one like so many others have. It’s very pretty and is useful but I admit, I mainly got it so I could take pictures of my books in it (and then didn’t really take many photos because it’s currently buried underneath a stack of storage stuff!!)

9. I can’t narrow down a favourite book

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I have favourite authors and series but I cannot nail down a specific favourite book (though growing up it was The Lord of the Rings – my gateway into the fantasy genre). I love so many books it is just too hard to name a number one favourite (though if forced to I would definitely consider Robin Hobb a top contender with her amazing Realm of the Elderlings series). 📚

10. Collecting vintage books

book lover

This is a bit of a strange one since I have OCD and previously wouldn’t touch a used book with a barge pole for a number of years. However, I love old books and vintage covers are just so awesome that I kinda had to get over myself with this particular phobia! Now I have loads of vintage books (mostly of the young adult variety because I am very nostalgic for books I read back in the day). I may have to wash my hands a bit more frequently when I am handling them but it is totally worth it.

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