Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

Okay, I don’t like writing books altogether – it’s just not what I’m about. However, saying that there are some books I am unlikely to ever read for various reasons as detailed below:

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1. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James: just not my thing – at all.

2. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire: I have seen so many negative reviews for this. I normally don’t go by what others say but the main relationship in the book sounds like it will really rub me the wrong way.

3. Tampa by Alissa Nutting: the plot of this book just squicks me out.

4. Moby Dick by Herman Melville: I just always think about the movie Heathers for some reason when I see this book.

5. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: just really do not fancy this. No particular reason why.

never read 2

6. House of the Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast: I actually bought the first two books on a whim because I thought the covers were pretty – that was a mistake.

7. No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale: yeah… big nope… I really don’t want to get stalked.

8. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov: another squicky subject. I saw some of the film – and that was enough to put me off for life.

9. Enders Game by Orson Scott Card: I am really not a fan of the author’s views/beliefs – lets just leave it there.

10. Taking Chances – Molly McAdams: really, really not a fan of cheating in books and this one in particular looks like it is the type to really make me rage.

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19 responses to “Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

  1. I’ve seen 50 Shades, Moby Dick and Enders Game on quite a few lists today! I’ve read Eat Pray Love – it was alright. I wouldn’t have picked it but was given it as a gift so felt I really should read it.

    • Brin

      I have too – seems to be popular choices with everyone. 😉

      I’m not even sure what it is about Eat, Pray, Love – I just can’t seem to muster any interest in it.

      Great list – love your spin on the topic. I agree with The Riftwar Saga – I had Magician for years and tried it several times and just couldn’t get into it. I ruled out ever reading the series but one day I picked it up again and just tore through it (and the rest of the books that were out at that time). Definitely worth reading. I had actually read the Empire trilogy first so I knew how good it could be – not sure why it took me so long to get into the main series. 🙂

  2. Without counting Moby Dick, I agree with you on everything else. Eat, Pray, Love had been yawning midway through it and if I did get to the end, it was just because I had received the book as a gift and didn’t want to hurt that person’s feelings. Fifty shades… yeah not even if every book in the world had been burnt down and it was the only one left.

      • Brin

        Yeah, I get the impression Eat, Pray, Love would be a bit of a snoozefest for me too! And don’t even get me started on Fifty Shades of Grey…

        Lol, I actually want to read Moby Dick believe it or not, but it just cracks me up thinking about reading it as I always associate it with Heathers. 😉

  3. I really do want to read Moby Dick, but only as a reading challenge with my roommate because I’ve heard it’s pretty hard to get through!

    I read the Kathleen Hale one, nothing impressive, but okay, I guess. And I actually like Eat Pray Love. I like the kind of get away, do some reflection books.

    • Brin

      Good luck – hope you get through it unscathed lol. 😉

      I actually had the Kathleen Hale book on my TBR list at one point but after reading that Guardian article… *shakes head*

      Some of my aversion to Eat, Pray, Love is probably the movie – I am not a fan of Julia Roberts at all. Glad you enjoyed it though. 🙂

    • Brin

      Heh, it seems to be the book to snark on for everyone. 😉

      I actually liked the look of some of her adult novels – probably should have gone with them first lol. I just could get into HON – I really tried but it didn’t click at all.

      Interesting choices on your list. I know Gone Girl is a very polarizing book and I actually have the Sookie Stackhouse novels – just haven’t read any of them yet! I heard the last couple were pretty bad. I really like the Hunger Games trilogy and ASOIAF by George R.R. Martin – but then I kind off like my protagonists to suffer (I’m evil like that lol). 😈

  4. I think 50 shades will be a popular one on this topic. I haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love, but I did like the film. I probably wouldn’t read the book either, only because there are so many that I don’t know the plot of.

    • Brin

      Fifty Shades seems to be on 90% on people’s lists – a very popular choice lol. 😉

      I actually have more of an aversion to the film of Eat, Pray, Love than the book – probably mainly due to my dislike of Julia Roberts. 😀

  5. I mostly agree with your list – we even share a couple. I did enjoy reading Ender’s Game, but at the time I didn’t really know anything about the author. Now I don’t really want to read the rest of the series…

    Check out my TTT.

    • Brin

      Yeah, I know what you mean about Ender’s Game. On paper it is exactly my kind of book – I just got really turned off by OSC. If I didn’t know anything about his views I would have definitely read it by now.

      Great choices on your list – I totally agree on Lauren Kate. I read up to Torment (not sure why I put myself through it since I didn’t particularly like the first one) but didn’t make it any further. 🙂

  6. I liked the first couple of House of Night books despite their deep flaws but it got worse as the series went on and I ended up hating almost every character! I’ve never had any interest in thing like Moby Dick (hate the classics), 50 Shades (hate erotica) and I wouldn’t go near Kathleen Hale with 50 Shades of a Long Bargepole!!! Great list!

    • Brin

      Thanks! Yeah, I’ve heard quite a lot of negative things about HON. I just couldn’t get into the first one at all.

      I don’t mind some erotica but it has to be well-written. One of my favourites is Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey which granted had a lot of crossover appeal as it is also fantasy. Anne Bishop is really good too.

  7. I know what you mean. I don’t want to read a book if I seriously disagree with the authors belief’s. It would be better to not have to know certain things about authors, but if they choose to put it out there, I guess that it’s my right to stop reading their books.
    I haven’t read Fifty Shades either, and don’t plan on it. I did buy the book when it first got big, but decided not to read it when I found out more about it.
    -Suzi Q., The Book Dame

    • Brin

      It is really hard to get past OSC’s views – he is so hateful towards people I just can’t. You are right, sometimes ignorance is bliss. I used to really enjoy The Mists of Avalon but then when I found out all the stuff about MZB – well, let’s just say I will never read any of her books again.

      I considered reading Fifty Shades just to see what the fuss was about (and because I generally like to try things before I make my mind up) but I just don’t think I could put myself through that lol. 🙂

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