Top Ten One True Pairings

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is a romance freebie so I have decided to go with:

Top Ten OTPs

a.k.a. I will go down with this ship!

I’m going to do things a bit differently here. I have already listed various book couples I ship so tonight I think it is past time to post about movie/television couples that I adore! Some are new, some are couples I have shipped before there was even a word for it (yes, I’m that old). So sit back and bear witness to my awesome ship-worthy couplings!


This ship has hit me hard – I really didn’t expect to come out of Rogue One shipping the two main characters but there you go! It could have a little to do with the fact that I find Diego Luna somewhat (alright, make that VERY) attractive but the chemistry between him and Felicity Jones was undeniable and the bond that developed (quickly but in a believable way) was on point and really enhanced rather than detracted from the plot (and yes, I low-key ship Chirrut and Baze as well!) 😉


This TV couple have awesome chemistry and I love the fact that their romance was a slow burn (to start, at least). I still have about 1.5 seasons to catch up with (too many great shows – not enough time!) so I have yet to see their more settled relationship but I can bet it will be a good ‘un.


I am actually really surprised that I like this pairing but I think the actors do a great job of selling the love story which is at the heart of Outlander. I am really excited for season 3!



Ah, Veronica Mars. Cancelled way too early in my opinion. At least fans of the series got a movie though where we could enjoy all of the Veronica and Logan goodness all over again. One of my all-time favourite pairings – these two were not always good for each other but definitely right for each other (if that makes sense?) 😉


Sawyer was a character who had chemistry with just about every female character on Lost (especially Kate in the early seasons) so when they decided to pair him up with Juliet (a character who was the ultimate in badass but also very stoic and detached) I was rather skeptical. I was very soon won over (like in the very first episode to show them as a couple). They had such a great vibe together. Who can forget the yellow sunflower. *sigh*


I’m going to be controversial here and go on record to state that I prefer the Buffy x Spike pairing to the Buffy x Angel pairing. I just think they have a ton more chemistry and although their relationship was a little bit (okay, a LOT) warped and twisted, it somehow just worked for me? Don’t get me wrong, I hate a certain event that occurs (hate, hate, HATE!!) and was prepared to throw in the towel after this but they won me back over in the seventh season (I might just be the only fan of the show who doesn’t mind Buffy herself in this season).



This is a funny one because I haven’t even watched all of Teen Wolf but I love the Stiles and Lydia relationship and I cannot get enough of it! I am really looking forward to binge-watching the rest of the series and see their connection develop further.


I’m probably a bit daft for clinging on to this ship (I haven’t watched all of the reunion episodes but I do know what happens) but I just happen to think that Jess was the best fit for Rory. Yes, he could be kind-of a jerk but there was a lot of good in him which really came to the fore in later appearances and he suitably challenged her. Plus, he didn’t kiss the ground she walked on which I felt was a big point in his favour (unlike *urgh* Dean and to a lesser extent Logan). I’m still a fan!!


I know this didn’t happen in the books but I think this is the cutest ship ever! I love both of their characters and it just makes sense (especially with their movie incarnations). 100% behind this ship!!


Very much glossed over in the film (I am still bitter about that to be honest) but the Faramir and Eowyn relationship has always made me happy so even just the little hint of it in the films is (barely) enough to keep the flames going strong with this pairing for me.

Well, that’s it for me today. Hope you are all having a lovely Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate it).


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  1. Jo

    I love RoryxJess (me and my friend argue over that one, she’s Team Logan), JamiexClaire (and have only seen like 8 episodes of the first season!), Captain Swan and Luneville (how I wish they’d happened!).

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