Books & Looks: The Raven King

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Books & Looks: The Raven King

Books & Looks is a new feature I’m trying out on my blog. I have been inspired by various bloggers / bookstagrammers who feature various posts like Outfit of the Day (OOTD) paired with their latest read. I am not quite brave enough to show photos of myself in outfits (and they would be pretty boring – I have a fairy limited wardrobe despite being a bit of a shopaholic). I decided to instead create a ‘look’ using Polyvore.

The Book:

It’s not exactly a well-kept secret that my most-anticipated read this year was The Raven King by Maggie Steifvater. I have such serious love for this series (and it’s author) and I was expecting great things from this latest (and last *sobs*) book in the series.

It certainly didn’t disappoint! It wasn’t perfect (but then, most series enders rarely are – it is very difficult to tie everything up to every reader’s expectations) but it was pretty darn close!

PicMonkey Collage

One of my favourite part’s of the series has been the slow-burn romance that has developed between Blue Sargent and Richard Gansey hereby dubbed ‘Bluesey’ (although the relationship between Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish aka ‘Pynch’ also comes pretty close).

Blue is a great heroine – she is bold and brash and really pretty darn blunt which normally turns me off but works great for her character. I like that Blue has obvious faults and she deftly sums up the very definition of ‘quirky’.

Her particular style is rather oddball as well so I knew it would be fun trying to match an outfit to her character – I only hope I have done her justice!

The Look:

blue sargent books & looks

**UPDATE: As of April 8th 2018, Polyvore is no more. Luckily, I was able to access my downloaded sets. However, the below links no longer work.**

**FURTHER EDIT: I have now moved my profile over to URSTYLE which you can find HERE. Unfortunately, the links no longer work but I will do my best to hunt them down. Might take awhile though.**

I love the skeleton dress (I would totally wear that!) and Doc Martens seem to fit with her character. Give her some funky jewellery and a short, blunt haristyle (I totally see Blue dying her hair all different colours) and voila! I think Blue would totally rock this look!

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  1. This is such a cute and creative way to do a review, love the dress and earrings!! I still haven’t delved into this series because I’m not sure if I’m going like it with all the hype bust many positive comments from readers means it should be good right?

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