Cover Reveal: Tempt by Natalia Jaster

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tempt cover reveal

Cover Reveal: Tempt by Natalia Jaster

She once loved a hero—until he became a villain.
Wonder is a wildflower goddess who knows about the magic of picking a blossom—but even more about the consequences.
She’d thought her history buried and forgotten. She’d thought she would never see him again.
She was wrong.
Now, on the brink of an immortal battle between rebel deities and celestial rulers, Wonder must find a way to defeat her enemies. The key lays deep inside a magic, subterranean library filled with twisting corridors, forbidden books, and secret legends.
Yet trespassing through a deadly forest and breaking into an ancient library isn’t the problem.
The problem is she’ll have company: the devilish god from her past.
And he’s got his own agenda with her.


I am a huge fan of Natalia Jaster’s writing – her Foolish Kingdoms and Selfish Myths series both count among my very favourites. So when I saw an opportunity to share the reveal of the cover for Tempt – the third entry in the Selfish Myths series – well, I jumped at the chance!

To say I am excited for this book would be too much of an understatement. After reading Anger’s story in Torn (which was released just this year in June) I was so excited that we would finally be getting Wonder’s story (plus, it’s a Hades and Persephone retelling – yass!)

tempt cover reveal

Malice is also a character that deeply intrigues me; he is somewhat loathsome but there is also something enticing about him too. I kinda hated him yet also wanted to know what makes him tick at the same time… When I found out he was going to get a chance to shine in Tempt (and that he was going to be paired up with Wonder) I was super-excited. I cannot wait to see their relationship develop – I just know it is going to be epic!

I’ve pre-ordered my copy already (I am so pumped for this!!) and so can you at the below link.

purchase link tempt

I just know this book is going to be incredible – October 17th (the release date) cannot come quick enough! I may also just do a re-read of the first two books to refresh my memory… not really a hardship though, that’s for sure! 😉

Check out my reviews of the first two books:

 torn cover image

adiós for now!


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