Favourite Role Playing Games

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favourite role playing games

I love blogging about books (books are my biggest passion – reading is definitely what I spend most of my free time doing) but I do, from time to time, like to take a break from reading. When I do I usually revisit one of my favourite pastimes – gaming.

Favourite Role Playing Games

I do not claim to be a hardcore gamer or anything (I like gaming but I am not an expert – I get killed over and over again and quite often throw a strop and fling my controller away in disgust at my ineptness and lack of finesse!) but I really do love getting caught up in a game. I especially love role-playing games, which makes sense because when you think about it, RPGs are like interactive stories where you get to shape your characters and what actions you take. There is a lot of interaction with non-playable characters and followers (if you have them) too which I really like. I also love the feeling of exploration and discovery.

I do love other genres (particularly survival horror games – Resident Evil and Silent Hill being my go-to choices of old) but I love RPG’s for the thorough immersion you feel and I connect better with more story-based games in general.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite role-playing games. I know there will be many great games I have missed out here – there are a lot I haven’t yet had the pleasure to play yet – if anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments!

1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

PicMonkey Collage

I loved this game – it was so fun and different (and playing a Malkavian was a riot!) I was extremely upset when it bugged out on my computer and I couldn’t play it anymore. 🙁

2. The Elder Scrolls series

elder scrolls

Any list of favourite RPG’s would be remiss without including The Elder Scroll series. One of the best open-world fantasy game series out there – I have sunk many, many hours into this series!

3. Final Fantasy series

final fantasy 7  final fantasy 8

I have played most of the Final Fantasy games and although I have enjoyed the series overall, I have a particular soft spot for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. Controversially, Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite! 😉

4. Persona 3

persona 3

I love, love, love this game! It was so fun to play with a surprisingly sombre ending (which I actually really appreciate!) I also have Persona 4 which I haven’t played yet but I am pretty sure I will love too!

5. Fallout series

fallout 3  fallout new vegas

Now, I must confess something here – I have only really played Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I know, I know – sacrilege considering how amazing the earlier games are supposed to be! I do own them though so will get round to playing them eventually. 😉

6. Mass Effect series

mass effect

Mass Effect – one of the most epic gaming journeys ever (yep, even with that ending!) I have replayed Mass Effect 1 & 2 so many times and I imagine I will replay Mass Effect 3 from beginning to end again someday…even if it is just to play my Garrus-mancing Shepherd!!

7. Dragon Age series

dragon age

This was the game that really got me back into gaming in a big way. I have replayed Dragon Age: Origins so many times I have lost count! I also really enjoyed Dragon Age II even though it has a bit of a bad rep (it was really rushed). I am sure Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to be pretty darn incredible too!

8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series


A lot of Bioware love on this list! KOTOR is my favourite game of all time (hell, it even spawned the pseudonym I use for this blog!) it really had a profound impact on me and cemented my love for all things Bioware. KOTOR II suffered from being an incredibly rushed game, but Obsidian did the best they could in the short development time they had – I mourn what the game could have been though!


Well fellow bloggers, therein lies my list of favourite RPGs. I am curious to know if any of you also enjoy gaming? If so, what games really rock your boat?


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4 responses to “Favourite Role Playing Games

  1. I’ve actually been on a Final Fantasy VI spree recently, but I’m an RPG person as well, and I loved most of the games you’ve mentioned. Still have to finish KOTOR, though, I’m not sure what’s taking me so long, since I absolutely loved Mass Effect.

    • Yay! I love Final Fantasy VI as well – such an engrossing game.

      KOTOR is a great game but you have to really be in the mood to play it. It is still probably my most favourite RPG. 🙂

  2. I’ve only gotten really into gaming in the past year but Skyrim is my favorite! The past week I’ve installed like 15 new mods and done new things and it’s all really exciting. I’ve super neglected books this month in favor of games 🙁 But I think I’m moving back to books again! But Skyrim!!! I really liked Dragon Age when I first got it but I didn’t get too far before I got bored! I really want to try Mass Effect though. I’ve seen GORGEOUS gifs on tumblr from it.

    • I like Skyrim but I get lost way too much! LOL 😀 It is still a pretty amazing game. I also liked Oblivion and Morrowind.

      I do the same – I go between books, gaming, TV binge-watching and back round again! 😉

      Mass Effect is amazing – I would highly recommend it.

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