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gifts for bookworms

gifts, gifts, gifts!

Alrighty, I didn’t quite get round to all of my favourite bookmark-selling shops in my last post. I didn’t realize my last post would get so long – I have ended up splitting it into two posts (hope you guys don’t mind). Here are some more awesome shops that I have found in my quest to buy as much bookish items as possible. What can I say, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it! 😉



The lovely Olena has very kindly offered a Holiday discount code for my readers:


It will give 20% off and is active until the end of December!

bookmark 1

Alice in Wonderland: I am a certified Alice-nut (it’s true) so this bookmark is a definite must-have! *makes grabby hands* I love the design – it would go perfectly with all my Alice in Wonderland books.

Wicked Witch: This was the bookmark that initially caught my eye. I love the design and the ruby slippers are just adorable – I love how sparkly they are!

Hobbit: Now, normally the sight of bare feet absolutely repulses me (urgh – the very thought sickens me!) I cannot help but find these cute little, fuzzy, hobbit feet adorable!

bookmark 2

Zombie: Okay, I’ll just get this out-of-the-way first… I am a huge zombie fan. I love zombie movies (Night of the Living Dead really started me off), I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I even dream about zombies all the time and I do not even get very disturbed by those dreams (except when I am, you know, getting eaten). This bookmark therefore appeals to me very much!

Harry Potter: Who doesn’t love a Harry Potter themed bookmark? I love the little broomstick too – it really is super-cute!

Mermaid tale: The detail on this bookmark is incredible. Ariel will forever be my favourite Disney princess (just pushing out Belle for the top spot!) so as you can imagine this bookmark is singing to me like a siren’s call. 😉

bookmark 3

Christmas reindeer: Never thought I would say this sentence but this little reindeer butt is sooooo cute! I couldn’t not have a Christmas-themed bookmark in here! 😉

Ballerina: I used to take ballet lessons myself so this bookmark is something that reminds me of my childhood. I wouldn’t attempt any ballet these days though – I would be like a very ungraceful elephant careening across the stage! This bookmark would be the closest I would get to being a ballerina again.

Louboutin shoes: For all those fashionistas out there! I love these – would never be able to afford a real pair so this bookmark would be a happy compromise. 😀

Bunny slippers: Aww, these are just so cute! The design is just gorgeous and I love all the cute little details – this would make a perfect gift!

Shop Link: MyBookmark



Vivian’s designs are in HIGH demand – you’ve got to be quick to get your order in before they sell out!

happy 1-1

The Assassins Companions: Look at the little Chaol, Dorian, and Rowan (I haven’t even read this series but I know who these dudes are!) I bought this set recently and these are beyond cute.

The Assassin: I have the original recipe Celaena (number 1) but I really want the others too – only thing is they keep selling out before I can buy them. 🙁

Spirit Seekers: The Gansey and Ronan ones are just amazing! Look at the expression on little Ronan’s face – he is just so fierce lol.

happy 2.jpg1

Huntresses Companions: These are so frickin’ cute! I think ickle Lucien is my favourite so far!

The Huntress: And here’s Feyre looking fancy in her little black dress. This was my first bookmark from Vivian’s store and I was not disappointed! The design is just awesome and the quality is fantastic. 🙂

Protectors: The Mortal Instruments gang is all here! I haven’t read these books yet but they are definitely on my TBR pile. These bookmarks would be awesome to have for when I do read the series.

happy 3.jpg1

Land of Tales: Cinder and the gang looking completely adorable. I really want to buy these (maybe Santa will be good to me!) but I’m hoping that Winter and Jacin will get added to the mix!

Group of Six: I am really looking forward to starting this book so I have already purchased this set (hope I enjoy the book after all this, I’m not too worried though). I don’t know all that much about the characters here but the bookmarks are just perfection. 🙂

Santas Helper: ‘He’s an angry elf!’ – I love, love, love this! I am a huge fan of the movie (does anyone actually dislike this movie? I have yet to find such a soul) so I really want my own ‘Buddy’. 😉

Between Angels and Demons: I’ve only read the first book in this series but I really want to get my hands on these bookmarks – I love the little Jem in particular!

Shop Link: HappyHelloCo


Welp, that’s it for bookmarks (at the moment anyway). I will be returning soon with more retail finds but for now it’s time to say adios!


The photos above are the property of the store owners and used by permission.

I claim no ownership of the images used.


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6 responses to “Gifts Bookworms will love #2

  1. AHHH OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This is really getting me into the bookmark spirit right now and I have the urge to go out and spend tons of money on these bookmarks! HOLD ME BACK.

    • Brin

      Lol, I was totally the same when I was writing up this post. I was making heart eyes at all of the bookmarks above! There are some incredibly talented folks out there. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these Brin! These are all so adorable and there are a bunch that I’m seriously considering buying. These would work well both as a personal treat and gift ideas for bookish friends 🙂

    • Brin

      You are very welcome Soudha! Thanks for stopping by and checking them out. 🙂

      I’m glad to hear you are considering buying some of these awesome bookmarks! The shop owners are really lovely and they definitely deserve the custom. <3

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