Monthly Round-Up – May 2014

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monthly round-up

Monthly Round-Up – May 2014

May hasn’t been a good month, for reasons I mentioned in my previous post here. I haven’t really managed to keep up with my reading this month and when I have found time to read, I have found it difficult to concentrate. It is no surprise then that May has been my least productive month as far as reading and blogging goes. I have had to drop some of the memes I was taking part in mainly due to not being able to find enough time to do everything I would like to do. Still, I have managed to get some reading done and some posting which I did not expect I would be able to do so I guess that is something.


Books I read this month:

Stay by Riley Hart (4/5 stars)

Adorkable by Sarra Manning (4/5 stars)

Hate List by Jennifer Brown (3/5 stars)

Breakabl by Tammara Webber (3/5 stars)

Adaptation by Malinda Lo (4/5 stars)

PicMonkey Collage

Books I reviewed this month:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Adaptation by Malinda Lo

books reviewed

Top Read of the Month:


Top Cover of the Month:


Ahem…shallow, I know, but hot damn!!

Blog News:

Not a whole lot going with my blog this month, for personal reasons mostly but also because I have hit a bit of a reading and blogging slump. Had to happen eventually, I suppose.

Challenge Updates:

Eh…moving swiftly on. I might have to reconsider how many challenges I am actually going to take part in. I am beginning to think I will not be able to get through any unless I trim it down a bit.

On the blog:


Well, that’s my wrap-up for May. I will be very glad to leave this month behind. What about you guys? What were your favourite books this month? Favourite posts? Favourite articles? Other fun stuff you have done? What did you get up to in the month of May?


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2 responses to “Monthly Round-Up – May 2014

  1. Except for this last week (Armchair BEA!), May was a pretty slow month for me, blogging-wise. But I’m hoping to be more productive next month 🙂 And yay, so happy you loved Adaptation. Read Inheritance, too!

    Oh and if I haven’t said it before, love your new design! Butterflies <3

    • Same here, May has been a tough month for me so here’s hoping June is better.

      Adaptation was great – I will definitely be reading Inheritance when it comes out in the UK as well. 😉

      Thanks! I could never get my old design to look the way I wanted so decided it was time for a change-up.

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