Read Play Blog #8

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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Read Play Blog #8

What Gaming Character Would You Take on a Valentines Date?

This is quite a tough question for me, after all I have had many ‘game boyfriends’ throughout the years: there was Carth from Knights of the Old Republic (and Atton from the sequel, *sigh* Atton, the romance that I never got to have); Garrus and Kaidan from the Mass Effect series; Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins; Fenris from Dragon Age 2; Cullen from Dragon Age: Inquisition… this list just goes on and on doesn’t it?

But… if I had to choose just one character, I would have to go with Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. Alistair – that sweet and goofy guy that charmed the pants off of my warden (and me as well, though not literally!) – was the first real game romance that just immediately clicked for me. As much as I adore Cullen (and I really, really do) Alistair stole my heart first!

Let’s see him in action shall we?

Smooth operator ain’t he?? 😉

.Recommend the game with your favourite couple!

I would have to go with… Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII! I am not sure why after all these years (must be a sucker for the moody boys lol) but I really loved this pairing and I still remember them fondly..


Squall looking moody!

Currently Playing: Life is Strange (Episode 1).

life is strange

So far, this has been a really interesting game. It is similar to Telltale’s games but it also reminds me a little of another game I played years ago called Shadow of Memories which also features time travel and changing elements from the past.


Well, that it for me this month folks. What have you been playing lately?



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8 responses to “Read Play Blog #8

  1. Yayyyy squall and rinoa are one of my favourite couples too! They are so cute and their personalities compliment each other. I’ve heard so much about those dragon age guys, I have to discover them for myself! Glad to hear your recommendation for life is strange too.

    • Brin

      Yay – another Squall and Rinoa fan!! There were not many of us back in the day!! I loved them together too. – you are totally right, they did compliment each other well. I know a lot of people were gunning for Squall and Quistis but I never got a romantic vibe from them at all even though I loved both characters (now Quistis/Seifer I could have got on board with). 😉

      You definitely need to try DA – it’s awesome. 🙂

    • Brin

      It’s so much fun – I am really glad I joined it. 😉

      I mainly play on the Xbox (was mostly Xbox360 but now moving over to Xbox One). We do have a Playstation 4 as well and I play the odd PC game, but Xbox is my main platform.

      What games/platform do you favour?? Always love chatting with fellow gamers!! 😉

        • Brin

          That’s awesome that you are enjoying playing the PC- I can never get the hang of using the keyboard and mouse to play games on the PC for some reason which leads me back to my Xbox every time lol. Though with some games, at least I can hook up my PC compatible controller. Guess I will always be a ‘console peasant’ lol. 😉

          I used to have a bit of a Sims obsession as well – the PC version was a must because it was so much easier to navigate and had way more options. 🙂

  2. Ooooh, Alistair! I haven’t even played these games and I’m swooning over this guy. I watched a video where he talks to the player about a rose and there was smooth dorkiness and I… I just swooned and blushed. 😀

    • Brin

      Alistair is certainly very swoon-worthy – plus he totally is a big dork which I love as well!! I think you will really enjoy him if you you do play the game. 😀

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