Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have:

What reader can truly claim that they have zero book related problems? I don’t think such a person exists! Honestly, there are so many problems you encounter as a bookworm, here are my top ten picks:.

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My shelves are practically bursting at the seams. I have way too many books to fit comfortably into my little home – luckily I tend to buy more and more ebooks so my shelves are getting a bit of a break. Still, I have so many books I have had to store quite a few in boxes in the attic – which is something I never wanted to have to resort to!

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I seriously do not know how people can pack so much into their days – I struggle to balance my work-life, spending time with my partner, buying and preparing food, doing all the necessary housework tasks, and finding time to read on top of it – sometimes it just seems impossible.

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This is a big problem for me. Sometime I get really excited about a book, then I will buy it and try to read it – but then I find myself just not in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. This frustrates the life out of me! It’s even worse when I get that way that I am not really in the mood for anything. 🙁

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I have started so many series that I just end up losing interest in. Most of the time it’s not even that the quality isn’t there any more – it can just be over-saturation for me. I really loved Janny Wurts’ series Wars of Light and Shadow when it first began, but with each new installment (and believe me, there are a lot) my enjoyment just dwindles away. I know that I will eventually read them all though – even if it kills me! I just cannot seem to let go once I have started a series.

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My Netgalley ratio is something that causes me a lot of angst – frankly it sucks. I made the mistake when I first signed up of requesting too many darned review copies and now I really struggle to keep up. The strange thing is that I get approved a lot on Netgalley (I just can’t seem to stop requesting – it’s a sickness!) yet Edelweiss, where I made sure I have kept up with reviewing the books I have requested, I seem to barely get approved for any. Irony is kind of strange that way!

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Life seems to get me overwhelmed these days in general (living with anxiety, depression and OCD is a nightmare) but I do find myself overwhelmed by all the books I feel I should be reading, especially ARCs. What makes it worse is that when I get overwhelmed, I find myself unable to concentrate on anything and absolutely everything slides. It’s like I just get that I want to bury my head in the sand. this affects all aspects of my life but reading used to be an escape for me. The one downside of starting a blog has been that I sometimes do not simply just enjoy being alone with a book like I used to – I am always thinking about it in a more critical way. It can be a good thing but it can also take some of the fun of reading away.

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My TBR list is seriously out of control. I just took a peek at my Goodreads shelf and I currently have over 7000 books in my want to read pile. That is just crazy! There is no way I could even read all of them even if I literally had nothing else to do. I keep adding more all the time as well, *sigh* this just leads back to not having enough time in the day…

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I feel kind-of ashamed for saying this but sometimes I find writing book reviews a real hassle – and that is what I originally started this blog for! Granted, it has evolved more into discussions and other fun stuff but I used to really enjoy writing reviews (and I still can when I am in the right frame of mind) but lately I really struggle to think of things to say.

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The age-old question that affects every reader I have ever met! This is a particularly difficult question if you have just finished a really great book/series. You want to start nothing new but at the same time you just want to bask in the gloriousness of your last great read. It is a serious problem. 😉

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This has always been a problem for me as a consummate reader. I am naturally a bit of a night owl anyway, but I often stay up way too late reading, even when I have to get up to work early the next day. Is it worth it though? HELL YES!!!

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6 responses to “Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

    • Brin

      It’s definitely the curse of being a reader/blogger lol. Love your answers too and definitely agree with all of them – especially about hardbacks. I love them too but man are they expensive!! 😉

    • Brin

      Being a mood reader can be a nightmare! I have so many books I want to read but I pick them up and can’t cannot get into them – even though I know at the right time I would love them!

      Great list – I absolutely agree with your number ten – I never lend my books out. I got too many returned damaged or not returned at all!! 😀

  1. I agree with you about writing book reviews-it can be tedious. I take so long to get the wording right that it can take me over an hour to get a review posted to Goodreads and blogs. It’s crazy, especially when I have notes on 100 reviews waiting to be done!

    • Brin

      I know right? I used to love writing reviews – I would finish a book and instantly open up my laptop to write my review. These days I really struggle to find something meaningful to say. I don’t usually take notes (never really needed to in the past) but I think it may actually help me to do that now. 🙂

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