Monthly Round-Up – September 2014

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monthly round-up

Monthly Round-Up – September 2014

September was a very quick month. I was away for a week so didn’t get a lot of time to blog during that time. For some reason, despite the fact that I actually had some time off work, I didn’t really get much reading done at all. The book slump is still going strong it seems, which really sucks. 🙁 I am also massively late with my monthly round-up post – I really need to catch up again in October.

Books I read this month:

second chance summer

| Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson |

One book – one flipping lousy book (actually the book was fantastic but that is beside the point). I really need to get out of this reading slump. I begin books but then I put them down after a few chapters. It is really starting to annoy and frustrate me. I need to get myself out of this soon.

Blog News:

I received two awards in September: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (nominated by I Think I’m Obsessed and  Drown in Melancholy), and The One Lovely Blog Award (nominated by A Reading Writer and These Paper Words). Thanks so much to these amazing bloggers for their nominations!

Not strictly blog-related but I also won an invitation to the beta for Dragon Age Keep. Thanks so much to Ability Drain for this – it has been amazing to finally get to see it! All of the recent Dragon Age: Inquisition news has been amazing, especially after waiting for this game for what feels like so long (approx 4 years). I can’t wait until it is finally released on November 21st!


I haven’t really got too much to say for September. I remember hitting a real slump this time last year as well, so it may well be a seasonal thing. No matter, here’s hoping October will be a brighter blogging month!

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Bye for now!


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